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Lobby Signs and Conference Corporate Logo Signs for Orange County

 Jul 05, 2015

Horizon Technology is an international LCD giant with a firm grip on the hard drive and storage solutions niche in the business. The look and feel of its reception area and conference room setup is as avant-garde and cutting edge as its products. When this company needed lobby signs and conference room corporate logo signs for Orange County that would fit right in, its management team contacted the pros at Superior Signs and Graphics.

Anatomy of a Great Sign

Corporate Logo Conference Room Signs Orange County

Put your logo in your conference room!

A company in the competitive technology sector needs lettering that bespeaks its innovative edge. For Horizon Technology, we chose the look of metal that perfectly mimics the appearance of the logo on the website. Some logo components and the second line of text display a blue color while the remaining style elements show off a silver hue. Selecting a matte finish allows the sign to soak up the light rather than reflect it. Doing so allows the marker to be perfectly readable and attractive even when directly lit with overhead lighting.

What is Your Reception Area Signage Need?

Do your lobby and conference room brand and market your company? Do your signage components create brand awareness and name recognition? Do you find yourself smiling at your signage and walking just a little taller when you enter the office? If you cannot enthusiastically answer each of these questions with a “yes,” it may be time to reconsider the look of your signage.

Corporate Conference Room Logo Signs Orange County

Brand your conference room!

The goal of any reception area signage product is to underscore the marketing message that you send via your interior décor as well as your secondary signage displays. When you do not succeed in this endeavor, it is possible that you are making it too difficult for your company to get a customer’s buy-in. It seems like such a small thing, but superior signage really does make a huge difference.

Ordering Your Signage Combo Today

Getting your signage to be as overtly innovative as your business model, product or service does not have to be complicated. Contact our professionals today to schedule a client consultation. We specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of lobby signs and conference room corporate logo signs for Orange County businesses.

We welcome the opportunity to look over the artwork that you already have on file. In addition, we take in the overall look of your décor. These two elements must harmonize to clearly present a message that your customer or client will receive. When this connection does not happen, the customer receives mixed messages that might actually create second thoughts about doing business with your company.

Logo Lobby Signs Orange County

Or, put your logo in your lobby sign!

When we put together a signage proposal, we incorporate all these elements to present you with a look that uses height, width, color and material combinations to start a conversation with the consumer. If you do not have artwork on file, we gladly create your design from scratch. By providing you with different looks, you have the option of looking at your signage through the eyes of a customer. Once you pinpoint the right look, we create your lobby and conference room signage for maximum impact.

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