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Lobby Logo Sign and Office Door Signs Help Brand Southern California Clinical Research Company’s Offices!

 Aug 11, 2017

Custom Lobby Logo Signs for Medical Facilities in Southern CA

You find the offices of Lotus Clinical Research, LLC. at 100 West California Boulevard in Pasadena. The company is instrumental in conducting cosmetic, dental, and medical trials. When the business needed lobby logo signs and office door signs in Southern California, its management team contacted our experts.

A Winning Signage Combination Catches Eyes

Door and Suite Signs for Medical Facilities in Southern CA

Door signs guide clients and employees!

We started with the lobby sign’s design. Since it always should set the tone for the markers you place on the inside as well as outside of the business’ venue, most clients spend a good bit of time with our graphic artists to get it exactly right.

Lotus Clinical Research, LLC. has a highly intricate logo design that we brought to life with a combination of painted PVC and brushed metal. We used digitally printed vinyl overlays to get the look of the lotus flower just right. The resulting lobby sign looks professional and perfectly encapsulates the company’s brand message.

For the door signs, we used PVC with a depth of one-quarter inch. By overlaying the product with digital prints, we ensured the ideal rendition of the logo as well as the color changes associated with the symbol and lettering. The backdrops of the signs feature a white color, which allows the green and black of the lettering to stand out even more. Their three-dimensional presentations are visually attractive on the doors.

Putting in an Order for Multiple Interior Signage Products

Authorized Personnel Door Signs Southern California

Authorized personnel door signs keep non-employees out!

When working with business owners, we frequently get the question when to order ancillary interior signs. Typically, it makes sense to place the order at the same time that you commission your lobby sign. Because other signs take their visual and display cues from the reception area marker, it is vital to put this one in place first.

Of course, you do not have to order every single interior signage item at the same time. The most important products are the lobby sign, wayfinding markers, and all signage pieces that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Other signage products can come later.

3D Lobby Logo Signs in Southern California

Make your reception area pop with a 3D Lobby logo sign!

By working with the same sign shop on all your orders, you ensure that you receive perfect color matches as well as font displays. Because we keep your specs on file, you also save time and money. You do not have to spend a lot of time on a design consultation if we can work with the data we have. Some of our clients now only call in orders, describe what they have in mind, and we handle the rest.

That said, we also welcome the opportunity to meet with our clients. In some settings, it makes sense for us to visit you before putting together new items. Cases in point are ADA signs. If you already have some of these products at your location, we can take an inventory and ensure compliance. Moreover, doing so makes it possible to purchase only the products you need right now, rather than a complete set of markers that you do not.

Does Your Company Need Business Signs?

Our experts can help you put together a set of signage products for the interior as well as the exterior. Whether you need lobby logo signs and office door signs in Southern California or would prefer dimensional letters and windows graphics, we can help. Call us today to talk about the details!

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