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Wall Mural For Cypress College Culinary Arts Department Makes Visitors Hungry for More!

 Aug 08, 2017

Wall Graphics and Murals for Schools in Orange County CA

You find the Cypress College Culinary Arts Department at 1830 West Romneya Drive. There, students run a restaurant named the Cypress Bistro. They learn hands-on how to work in a state-of-the-art facility that caters to hungry students, teachers, and guests. To heighten the visual impact of the setting, the school’s administration contacted our signage pros to discuss the production of a wall mural for the college culinary arts department.

Transforming an Educational Facility’s Look and Feel

Wall Graphics for Schools in Orange County CA

Adding graphics and murals help spaces pop!

There were multiple surfaces that needed to be covered. They included walls and columns. We collaborated with an interior design company to put together a look that would wow guests and inspire students.

  • Wall surfaces. Notice the hallway wall portion that now features a black background with a gray outline of the world map. White lettering welcomes visitors to the location and wishes them a good appetite. The matte finish of the wall wrap allows for easy cleanup and prevents glare from the light sources. On the other side, we wrapped the matte black around the corner and included a notation that welcomes foodies to the mix.
  • Serving area. Right above the heads of busy chefs in training and serving stations, you notice a quote. Culinary artists recognize it as a famous Julia Child saying. We used off-white lettering to harmonize with the light gray tones of the overhang’s color.
  • Column. Covering the four surfaces of the column called for the proper sizing of the graphics and lettering. It features white on black sayings and images. This wrap serves as a whimsical addition to the overall area that gives the setting a playful feel.

Not Just for Restaurants

Wall Graphics for Pillars in Orange County CA

Add vinyl graphics to interior pillars!

If you are thinking of changing the atmosphere of a restaurant, the use of wall graphics and murals can make the most dramatic changes come true overnight. Because we can use various font sizes, image styles, and even vinyl materials, there is little that we cannot accomplish with the medium. But you do not have to limit the use of wall murals to just the commercial eatery setting.

Vinyl Wall Lettering for Restaurants in Orange County CA

Add a quote with vinyl wall lettering!

Retailers know that murals make excellent advertising backdrops for new product lines. There, they augment the other marketing tools you are using in the store. This type of wall covering also works well to put the shopper in the mood to contemplate the purchase more seriously. For example, if your product is a hiking boot, consider creating a backdrop that features a forest scene with a hiking trail. You help the customer to envision her or himself in the setting where s/he needs the product.

Do You Need a Wall Mural for a College Culinary Arts Department (or something else)?

Wall Graphics and Wall Murals | Orange County CA

Ready to change your spaces with graphics and murals?

We gladly work with an interior designer you have hired for the project. Some clients also work with advertising agencies that provide us with blueprints of the images they envision. Of course, since we have in-house graphic artists, we can help you design a product from the ground up. Our experts work with you from inception to installation. Call us today to learn more about your options and to get started on your order!

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