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Licensed Contractor Does Professional Sign Installations and Maintenance in Orange County CA

 Jul 06, 2016

Superior Signs and Graphics Has C-45 Sign Contractor's License We now possess our C-45 Sign Contractor’s License!
If you had the option to do business with licensed C-45 sign contractors in Orange County, CA, or with folks who did not have the Contractors State License Board’s nod of approval, whom would you choose for your next signage order? With the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics, you do not have to guess; we have our C-45 license.

Understanding the Importance of a C-45 Sign Contractors License

The State of California requires licensing of contractors. For sign makers who routinely install electrical and non-electrical signs, a C-45 sign contractor license is a necessity. It authorizes the professionals to handle pole signage orders, install posts, mount the markers to buildings and modify already installed sign products. Because our experts firmly believe in presenting clients with a full-service approach, we did not opt for the easier to obtain non-lit signage license.

As contractors listed with the State License Board, we can serve all your signage needs – without having to bring subcontractors on board. For the customer, this presents a number of benefits.

C-45 Licensed Sign Contactors in Buena Park CA

And, we have a new bucket van!

  • Smooth communication. We handle all your signage needs from initial design to final installation. If you have a question, you contact our pros for answers. There is no reason to locate a subcontractor.
  • Clear accountability. We stand behind our workmanship. If there is ever a problem, you call us to make it right.
  • Quality assurance. Since we not only design and manufacture your signs but also install them, we are acutely aware of any quality issues that may crop up. This awareness allows us to handle the issues and ensures that your signage always exceeds your expectations.

Why Opt for the C-45 License Rather than an Easier Plain Contractor License?

Sign companies with a C-45 license in Orange County, CA, are able to install all the customary banners, dimensional letters, and non-lit pole markers that other contractors can. But in addition, we can also install and service lighted cabinet and pole or pylon signage. Mall management companies rely on us to change out acrylic graphic panels when new tenants move in. For retailers whose signage needs some work, we can assist with servicing bulbs, ballasts, and wiring.

Best Sign Installation and Maintenance in Orange County CA

Sign installation and maintenance!

Warehouse managers, auto dealerships, and property as well as management companies benefit from our dedication to running a full-service sign shop. Of course, so do mom and pop businesses with first-time signage installs and multi-national corporations that call us in to handle the re-branding of numerous commercial signs. Firms that move into locations that already have signage on site appreciate our assistance when it comes to refurbishing these markers with new facings and upgraded electrical components. When you sum it all up, superior customer service is our reason for getting the C-45 license.

If we have inspired you to re-evaluate the look of your building signs and perhaps go ahead with the re-branding or refurbishing project you have been thinking about, or if you are a commercial property management professional who has been thinking of getting help with tenant panel changes on a pylon, contact our experts to set up an appointment. We look forward to visiting your business for a site evaluation.

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