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Great Looking Lobby Sign Options for Businesses in Orange County

 Jun 28, 2016

The Orange County business community is famous for its elegant office spaces, frequent interconnectivity of companies, and the ability to woo clients from a broad range of neighboring coastal communities to do business there. As a result, acceptable lobby sign options for businesses in Orange County, CA, must appeal to affluent investors as well as residents of the beach cities. For the right sign shop, it is possible to combine both by designing products that communicate formal branding messages via color, material and installation options.

Case Study: Pivotal Law Firm

Lobby signs for businesses in Orange County CA

Acrylic panel with dimensional letters!

Located in Suite 319 of 25 Mauchly in Irvine, the Pivotal Law Firm is in the corporate legal field. It handles mergers and acquisitions as well as entity formations. When this agency’s management team contacted our experts for the creation of a lobby sign, we put together a product that relies on a logo panel presentation for its effect. A transparent acrylic panel became the mounting surface for dimensional letters.

Lobby signs for law firms in Orange County CA

Add your logo for brand-building power!

We imitated the look of the law firm’s website presentation, which makes it easy for clients who have researched the business online to recognize the name and logo. After mounting the panel to the wall with brushed aluminum standoffs, the attractive nature of the display becomes clear. Illumination from the front causes the lettering to cast shadows on the wall, which creates a visually interesting focal point in the setting.

Case Study: LKQD

Dimensional Letter Lobby Signs for Businesses in Orange County CA

Dimensional letters also a great choice!

Located at 27422 Portola Parkway in Suite 350, the headquarters of Likqid Media, aka LKQD, are a part of the Foothill Ranch community. This business specializes in video advertising that targets desktop, connected TV, and mobile users. When the company’s extensive suite setting underwent a remodeling, the management team decided that it needed a focal point at its entrance and contacted our graphic artists for help.

3D Logo lobby signs in Orange County CA

Like the 3D Look of dimensional letters?

We created PVC lettering for a dimensional letter presentation that we mounted directly to the wall. The material has a thickness of one-half inches, which incorporates the logo portion referencing the term “liquid.” By placing the black letters flush onto the white wall, the impressive nature of the design quickly takes over the space. The eye rests almost naturally on the Q’s blue wave symbol. The sign succeeds at becoming the entrance’s focal point.

Discussing Lobby Sign Options for Businesses in Orange County, CA

If we have inspired you to take another look at commissioning your initial lobby sign, or perhaps to consider replacing a product you already have, contact our graphic artists for assistance. We work with you to put together a design that expresses your branding message while actively marketing your company.

Whether you prefer dimensional lettering flush-mounted to the wall or like the logo board approach, we can help. If you have been thinking about a different setup – examples include LED-lit metal signage or wall graphics instead of a standard lobby sign – we can assist you with these products, too. Our graphic artists welcome the opportunity to visit your location for a site survey, which gives us a chance to offer you hands-on advice concerning sizing, color selections, and possible mounting techniques. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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