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LED Retrofitting Your Lighted Sign in Orange County Can Save You Money and Help Save the Planet!

 Mar 16, 2020

You are relying on your lighted sign cabinets to attract customers, provide wayfinding assistance to the consumer, and begin a brand conversation with passersby. However, you are still using yesterday’s technology, which is getting more and more expensive to support. With Superior Signs and Graphics’ LED retrofitting in Orange County CA, your business can save money and have signage that shines brightly.

Why Outdated Technology is Expensive

LED Retrofits for Cabinet Signs in Orange County CA

Whether it is a wall-mounted sign cabinet or a double-sided pylon sign, you are noticing that the electricity you are using is setting you back. Besides that, you are spending a lot of money replacing fluorescent light bulbs. And, when they go bad, the magnetic ballasts frequently do, too.

LED Retrofitting a Cabinet Sign in Orange County CA

LED Retrofits for Cabinet Signs!

As a result, you have to call out the repair company far more frequently. However, California is restricting the availability of T12HO fluorescent lamps. This means that your contractor has to connect with suppliers from out of state, which, of course, adds to the expense of operating the sign. With LED retrofitting, you eliminate these costs.

How LED Retrofitting Works

LED Retrofitting in Orange County CA

Did you know that Superior Signs and Graphics is a C-45 licensed electrical sign installation contractor? Our team is insured and bonded. Therefore, we do all our projects in-house and do not subcontract. Most importantly, we have our own aerial lift vehicle, which means that we can meet your project deadlines with ease.

The process of retrofitting is straightforward.

LED Retrofitting a lighted pylon sign in Orange County CA

LED Retrofits for Pylon Signs!

  • Site survey. We visit your location to survey the signage. Doing so makes sense because it allows us to take a closer look at the sign itself. If the structure is sound, we will not have to replace it. This saves you money.
  • Graphics replacements. Some business clients choose to have their polycarbonate sign facings replaced while we are retrofitting the signage. It is an excellent way of having two jobs done at the same time. Of course, if your facings are still in good shape, we can skip this step.
  • Component replacement. The modules that fire up the lamps are referred to as ballasts. With fluorescent lights, they go bad frequently. Moreover, they are magnetic and, therefore, not as efficient as the electronic ones we use today. We swap them out along with sockets and any bad wiring that is there. You have probably had them replaced a few times already. So, there is another savings opportunity.
  • New component installation. Our team will recycle outdated components. Moreover, we will install high-efficiency LEDs along with the power supplies. This new technology now powers up your signage but only consumes the voltage of your average garden light. Besides that, LEDs last so much longer than fluorescent lamps. In many cases, longevity can exceed a decade.

Schedule Your LED Retrofitting in Orange County, CA

Save Money with LED Retrofits in Orange County CA

LED Retrofits save money, help you go green and are long-lasting!

Are you ready to save money? If so, it is time to replace the energy hogs that your fluorescent bulbs have become. Similarly, now is the time to do away with outdated technology that costs money just to keep it up. Investing in contemporary LEDs saves you money in operations costs as well as upkeep. Besides that, we can also put a fresh coat of paint on your lighted sign cabinet to make it look great! Call (714) 248-5901 today to schedule your appointment!

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