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Learn About Wall Murals for Businesses in Orange County CA

 Dec 01, 2015

Interior business signage fulfills two major purposes. First, it brands a business. By communicating what the business is all about, the company draws in the consumer in search of a particular product or experience. Secondly, it reinforces name recognition. If you have ever been in line behind a buyer writing a check, who then looks around and asks the clerk “what store am I in,” you know that you have been in a setting where the second function has not been fulfilled. This is where wall murals for businesses in Orange County, CA, can make a huge difference. What are your options?

Showroom Wall Graphics or Wraps Help Make the Sale

Showroom wall murals for Orange County businesses

Wall murals great for showrooms!

Give your customers a vision. What can they do with your products? If you sell furniture, paint, consumer goods or flooring, this kind of graphic is truly worth a thousand words. In this setting, you display your products while being in active use. It helps the buyer to envision the installation of a particular tile counter in her or his kitchen. As a result, this buyer has an easier time making a buying decision.

A lobby wall wrap is an excellent tool for enveloping the buyer into the product experience. This is particularly effective with consumable goods and luxury items. When your product transcends the list of needs and becomes a want, a wall wrap is a highly effective tool for any marketer to sell the buyer not just on the product but also on a lifestyle experience.

Die-cut Wall Graphics Replace Lobby Signs or Express Your Mission

Inspirational wall murals for businesses in Orange County

Inspirational wall murals!

Welcome your clients with die-cut wall graphics that show off your company’s name and logo. Take this step to eliminate the need for a lobby sign. By choosing this option, you not only join the avant-garde of innovative businesses, but you also succeed at incorporating the wall spaces into the overall marketing efforts of your lobby.

Of course, you can also use these graphics to express your mission. Faith communities, non-profit organizations, and companies with a well-defined mission statement like the idea of combining graphics with lettering to express this information. Displaying your mission to the public, investors and employees alike has the added advantage of creating a buy-in from these folks, which is invaluable to the success of your vision. In a conference room setting, a vinyl wall map with clocks showing the various time zones is an excellent reminder of the other locations that your company operates. Giving your clients a reminder of your global vision and presence is never a bad idea.

Vinyl Wall Lettering Communicates in Large Spaces

Wall Graphics for Business in Orange County CA

Great for large spaces!

Warehouse stores, loft studios and large open spaces are taking the place of smaller venues with more restrictive room divisions. The problem many management teams face with these spaces is the use of conventional signage. It gets lost in the dimensions of tall and wide walls. This is where vinyl wall lettering makes the difference. Our technicians measure the space and adjust the display height of the lettering as well as the spacing of the style elements to harmonize with the dimensions of the walls. As a result, you show off perfectly sized signage. Whether you want to highlight your tag line or point the way to the restroom, consider vinyl wall lettering and graphics in this setting.

Do not just take our word for it. When you want to learn more about wall murals for businesses in Orange County, CA, discuss your marketing and branding needs with the pros at Superior Signs and Graphics to find out what this product can do for you.

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