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Custom Lobby Sign for CalTech Welcomes!

 Nov 29, 2015

Located at 1200 East California Boulevard in Pasadena, the California Institute of Technology, also known affectionately as CalTech, serves a student body that specializes in the exploration of science and engineering related subjects. When this school needed a lobby sign that would perfectly embody its branding message, the administration of the procurement department contacted the experts at Superior Signs and Graphics.

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Custom Lobby Sign for CalTech in Los Angeles County

This lobby sign immediately catches the eye!

Our graphic artists discussed the design of the signage with the procurement department’s representatives. Since the lobby wall entrance was recently remodeled, the new sign would become part of the location’s overall atmosphere. Textured wall panels beautify the space, which could enhance the look of the finished product. We were initially asked if there was a budget-friendly way to design and manufacture a backlit aluminum sign that we would then install with spacers on a panel.

While this was not possible at the proposed budget, we had a much more affordable option for the school. The use of half-inch-thick PVC with a brushed metal face and silver-painted sides creates the illusion of metal usage without the steep price tag. Rather than installing a light source, we discovered that it would be far more economical for the school to use ceiling-mounted accent lighting. The new reception area sign now beautifies the space while delivering the school’s essential branding message with chic and sophistication.

Not All That Glitters…

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The logo as a focal point makes this sign pop!

Money-saving sign design tips are plentiful. Although we routinely work with clients who do not bat an eye at commissioning inch-thick metal signs manufactured from bronze or brass, other companies work within tight budgetary constraints. Here are some workarounds that save money and have your lobby look like a million bucks.

  • Foam. Foam is perhaps one of the most versatile signage products that are currently on the market. It is inexpensive, can take on dramatic forms and makes an ideal substrate for any lobby sign.
  • Laminates. When you rely on foam as the substrate, we can add a thin acrylic or metal laminate. By blending the material color with the foam’s sides, we can give the sign the appearance of having been made from the more expensive laminate substance through and through.
  • Vinyl. Vinyl decals are taking local business communities by storm. They attach directly to the wall and display a logo as well as the company’s name as desired. Sizing can be negotiable, depending on the height and width of the wall space you wish to allocate to the display.

Discussing Your Next Lobby Sign with the Experts

Los Angeles County Custom Lobby Signs

Welcome staff, students and guests!

An inexpensive lobby sign does not have to look cheap. Talk through available cost-effective lobby sign solutions in Los Angeles County with our graphic artists. We work with you to find the best material options for your particular taste and niche. Also, we explain the tricks of the trade we use to turn a plank of foam into an attractive piece of wall art that brands your business. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to get started on your order.

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