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Huge Sign and Graphics Project for Whittier Middle School Motivates Students to Perform at Their Best!

 Jan 16, 2019

In our last blog entry, we discussed the project at Graves Middle School. We focused our attention on the use of site-specific vinyl to achieve a look that rivals an artistic paint job. The biggest part of that job was installing vinyl graphics on exterior brick walls. Today, we want to look at the finished sign and graphics project in Whittier, CA.

Multiple Signage Products Work Together to Create an Inspiring Environment

The beautification project at the school was extensive. It included a focus on in-state universities.

Perforated Window Graphics for Schools Whittier CA

Perforated window graphics!

Perforated window graphics. These graphics feature tiny holes that allow sunlight to stream into the classrooms. At the same time, they prevent those on the outside from looking it. It preserves the integrity of the message that the school wanted to feature.

Door window graphics for schools Whittier CA

Vinyl block-out door graphics!

Block-out window graphics. Adding an anti-graffiti laminate ensures that nobody can deface these vinyl graphics. Unlike perforated vinyl, these block the sunlight. That said, they are ideal for areas where sun exposure is too much or when you have the windows blocked with desks or other furniture.

Exterior wall graphics on brick Whittier CA

Exterior wall graphics on a brick surface!

Brick wall wraps. We already discussed the brick wall wraps for this project. By relying on a special vinyl for the walls, we ensured that they would not peel or discolor. Our team designed these wall wraps to last for a long time.

Vinyl Graphics for Schools in Orange County CA

We offer expert vinyl graphics installation!

Classroom door wraps. The administration did not want to lose any suitable surfaces for its mission to inspire learners at the middle school. By featuring graphics on the doors, too, it ensured that anywhere students go, they see motivational quotes as well as college logos.

School Pole Banners Whittier CA

Pole banners invite students, faculty, and visitors!

Fourteen pole banners. These banners begin the conversation with those arriving by car. In this way, the messages address parents, students, and faculty members.

With the project completed, it is now time to step back and see how the different components work together. It is clear that these middle school students will be motivated to think about potential colleges early on. Doing so is something that will motivate excellent study habits, attendance, and focus throughout middle school and later on in high school.

Inspiring Employees with Vinyl Wall Graphics and Wraps

You can take the technology that the middle school relied on for its students and transfer it to the workplace, too. Inspiring employees is an excellent way for boosting worker buy-in to your policies and increasing productivity. Start with the training room. Feature excerpts of your employee handbook on the walls as lettering.

In the break room, consider adding graphics that show employee volunteer projects and individual award recipients. Moreover, include verbiage that expresses the value you place on workers. Many companies like to communicate a feeling of family. The break room is an excellent location to expand on this impression.

By the way, wall graphics and lettering are good options for communicating your brand message to clients and customers, too. Present your mission statement or vision in the lobby area via graphics that flank the lobby sign. Some business clients have had excellent success with the design and installation of acrylic artwork that emphasizes the growth of the company.

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