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New Wall Mural Installed on Brick Surface Welcomes Students and Faculty to Middle School in Whittier!

 Jan 15, 2019

School Brick Wall Murals Whittier CA

Located at 3243 Los Nietos Road, Richard L. Graves Middle School has beautiful brick facades all around the campus. Recently, the school’s administration contacted our sign shop to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of new wall murals installed on brick surfaces in Whittier, CA.

Inspire Middle School Learners with Outdoor Wall Graphics


Exterior Wall Graphics on Brick Whittier CA

Adding exterior wall graphics to brick is a great contrast!

Wall Murals on Brick for Schools in Whittier CA

Our installers are 3M Certified, meaning graphics on brick is not a problem!

We worked with the administration on an extensive beautification project. Right above the entryway, our team put up a 15-foot-wide graphic on the brick. We used Arlon rough surface vinyl that relies on an aggressive adhesive to stick to the substrate. Technicians used heat to ensure perfect adhesion. Look at the graphic now, and it appears as though it is painted on the brick.

Other beautification steps include wall wraps, window graphics, and door wraps. The team also put up pole banners. All products work together to create a vision for the future in the students. As they move on to high school, this vision accompanies them. Besides that, the new graphics look great around campus and give the facility a contemporary look and feel.

More and More Businesses Use Outdoor Wall Wraps


See-through window graphics for schools in Whittier CA

See-through window graphics can also be treated so they are graffiti-free!

Vinyl Window Graphics for Schools Orange County CA

Any image or graphic on your windows are possible!

Plenty of schools are already using this technology. More preferable than paint, the graphics display messages that benefit students. Many also boost student pride in their schools by showing off school colors and the likenesses of mascots. Of course, you do not have to run a school to take advantage of this setup.

For example, small businesses use outdoor wraps to transform facades into niche-specific works of art. Doing so is a great option when you rub shoulders with other companies in shopping areas where space it tight and you do not have much room for signage. In the alternative, consider a wall graphic that features popular brand names, product images, and similar messages that could very well bring in shoppers.

Restaurants like to rely on wall graphics on the exterior and interior. For many, these graphics tell stories and set the tone for the guest’s experience inside the locale. Others combine wall wraps, graphics, and paint to form a unique presentation that identifies the venue and makes it easy to spot even from a long way away.

Pair Wall Wraps with Secondary Signage Solutions

Frosted and etched vinyl window graphics Whittier CA

Add school seals, mascots, and more!

School Motto Window Graphics Whittier CA

Ask us about perforated vinyl for your windows!

Take a page from the playbook of Richard L. Graves Middle School and pair your wall graphics with window treatments. Perforated vinyl lets sunshine enter the venue, but on the exterior, you only see the message you wish to display. As you preserve the lighting in your location, you nevertheless succeed in advertising.

Pole banners, too, are excellent options. They address the consumer in the parking lot and set expectations. For schools, they begin the process of featuring inspiring messages that not only speak to students but also faculty members and parents. We’d love to talk to you about school signs and graphics!

Pole Banners for Schools in Whittier CA

Pole banners great to show off school pride!

If you are thinking of adding a new wall mural installed on brick surfaces, talk to our team first. We help you decide on the images and ensure that we use the ideal vinyl for your setup. Contact us today!

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