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How to Clean Your Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guard Shields in Orange County!

 Jul 25, 2020

COVID-19 is changing the way you are doing business. It is also changing the ways that consumers are interacting with your staff members. Clear acrylic sneeze guard shields are now found in banks, retail settings, educational venues, and manufacturing environments. But do you know how to maintain the great looks of the clear acrylic products you just added? Read on to learn how to clean your clear acrylic sneeze guard shields in Orange County!

Maintain Proper Functionality by Cleaning Acrylic the Right Way

Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guards in Orange County CA

Did you know that acrylic is 10 to 20 times stronger than glass? Even so, it only comes in at half the weight. Additionally, it is softer than glass, which means that it is possible to scratch the pristine acrylic surfaces if you clean them with the wrong products. Do it repeatedly, and you are looking at clear acrylic that is becoming cloudy.

The wrong cleaners also cause micro-cracks in the surfaces that may extend to the edges of the material. Not surprisingly, these cracks can weaken the acrylic, which leads to a shorter lifespan of the products and less than optimal functioning.

Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guards in Orange County CA

However, proper maintenance can prevent these problems from occurring. Start with the right cleaner. Harsh solvents may be at hand, but avoid using them. Although isopropyl alcohol or denatured alcohol does a fantastic job at cleaning off smudges and spots from acrylic, they also turn the material brittle. Even window cleaners can have adverse effects on clear acrylic.

How to Clean Your Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guard Shields in Orange County Like a Pro!

At our shop, we start cleaning the material with warm water and a little soap. This very mild solution neither leads to brittleness nor contributes to the clouding of the material. If the acrylic is abnormally smudged or otherwise dirty, we recommend using a formulated product for cleaning it.

How to clean your clear acrylic sneeze guard shields in Orange County CA

Our technicians have had excellent success with Brillianize, which is a cleaner for transparent plastics. You can find this product at Wal-Mart or on Amazon. Typically, a two-pack of eight-ounce spray bottles costs about $19.95. Because a little goes a long way, you get good use out of these cleaners.

COVID-19 Prevention Shields in Orange County CA

Of course, it is not enough to buy the right cleaning agent. You also need to use the best technique for applying it. We have found that microfiber cloths you might use on cars work well. Other soft fabrics are an option, too. Because you want to avoid scratching the material, plan on spraying on the cleaner and blotting it dry with the cloth. Do not scrub! Over time, even soft fabrics can create small scratches that result in clouding.

Tricks of the Trade to Maintain the Great Looks of Clear Acrylic

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Superior Signs and Graphics fabricates sneeze guards by using cast acrylic. The material is more durable than its extruded counterpart. Therefore, if you do notice some scratching, you can apply automobile wax to buff out the affected areas.

Did you know that protection from extreme UV rays could increase the length of time the acrylic looks pristine? Also, please do not drop the material or let it be hit with objects. If you notice that your acrylic shields are no longer looking great, connect with our shop. We gladly send out a technician to see how we can help you! We can also help with all your COVID-19 prevention signs!

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