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High School Athletics Wall of Champions Wall Wrap Highlights Top Athletes in Santa Ana, CA!

 Oct 30, 2023

Earlier, we collaborated with Mater Dei High School on a set of wall graphics for high school athletics. These went into the girls’ basketball and volleyball team rooms. Now, the school invited us to return for additional custom wall wraps in Santa Ana, CA, that would re-do its wall of champions.

Custom wall wraps in santa ana, ca

A New Wall of Champions Legend Sign Honors Student-Athletes

This client had a hallway wall next to the gym where they had placed their student-athletes’ names. In retrospect, the administration did not like the look of it because the names were mashed up and put one on top of another. Besides that, the colors were at odds with Mater Dei’s palette. Finally, the client did not like the glossy laminate that made the names challenging to read when the lights reflected off the surface.

Wall of Champions before

We proposed expanding the Wall of Champions onto two adjacent walls. Moreover, we would use school colors and the MD logo subliminally placed into the background. Most importantly, we arranged all the names in a word cloud format, leaving additional space to add new names via die-cit lettering at the end of each school year. 

While we were at it, we also re-did the legend signs next to each wall to identify what sport each color represents. To counteract the glare from nearby light sources, we used a matte finish laminate that makes the names easy to read at any time. The client loved the results!

wall of champions legend sign, santa ana, ca

Recognizing the Achievements of Young Athletes

Student-athletes work hard to maintain their grades and excel at sports. As a result, schools recognize their achievements. Because of their budget-friendly nature, many opt for wall wraps and similar products.

wall graphics for high school athletics in santa ana, ca

What Could You Do with Custom Wall Wraps in Santa Ana, CA?

You do not have to be a school administrator to recognize the potential of wall wraps for your space. Our team not only works in schools but also in offices and storefronts. Call us today for more information!

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