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High Resolution Wall Photos Entice Clients in Orange County!

 Mar 06, 2016

Having a working relationship with your sign company is advantageous for any business. Case in point is Orange County’s Eurowest, which is a company that excels at supplying customers with attractive Italian porcelain tiles and stone panels featuring a broad range of rocks. This business exemplifies the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words.

High Resolution Office Photos Orange County CA

Your walls become your showroom!

Outfitting their showrooms with matte vinyl panels showcasing their refined products, this company gives customers an opportunity to envision the goods in use. Rather than working off small samples and swatches, shoppers easily imagine enjoying the products inside their residences. The secret to the company’s success is the use of sharp graphics and high-resolution image printing.

High-Resolution Wall Photos for Offices in Orange County, CA

High resolution wall graphics Orange County CA

Wow clients!

Just recently, we received another call from the company’s management team. This time, the team was looking for high-resolution photos that would decorate the walls of its office space. Of course, these would not be just any ordinary images. Rather, they tie in directly with the products that the company sells and are – in many ways – extensions of the showroom panels.

As you walk through the hallways of the office now, the clever angles used when taking the photos appear to open windows into rooms rather than presenting with just a decorative image. Due to the long-established working relationship our sign shop has with Eurowest, our graphic artists know what the client is looking for and how to prepare the prints for installation. For the business, this speedy process eliminates a lot of the initial fact-finding you have to undergo before seeing your vision become a reality.

Are Photos Right for You?

High resolution office wall photos mounted on boards Orange County CA

Put bare hallways to use!

We have found that companies selling home goods of any type will do exceptionally well when displaying the products with high-resolution images. Although you can communicate quite a bit of technical or installation data with the help of colorful brochures, the use of large images appeals to the consumer on a different level. Once the shopper is on board with the idea of upgrading a bathroom, installing new flooring in a kitchen or hanging lamps in the living room, discussing the nuts and bolts of the project is a snap for your staff.

Other industries that benefit from the photo approach include sports retailers, architects, and real estate agents. Combined with the establishment of a solid working relationship with a full-service sign shop, you have the opportunity of taking advantage of powerful visual appeals that inspire consumers to take action.

Getting Started on Your Project

When you are ready to commission high-resolution office wall prints for offices in Orange County, CA, contact our graphic artists for assistance. We work with you to find the right photos that would look superb in the space you have chosen. Our installers then provide you with installation options. Take a page from the playbook of our client and opt for brushed aluminum standoffs. Other options include direct mounts to the wall, frames, or airplane cable displays. Contact us today to find out more about the expert use of wall photos to entice clients.

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