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Custom Lobby Signs Give Businesses in Orange County a Professional Look

 Mar 03, 2016

Electronic Commerce operates under the slogan “Move Forward. Pay Forward.” Located at 1661 North Raymond Avenue in Suite 175, the company is in the business of providing electronic commerce merchant services and products. Examples include mobile processing capabilities, reporting tools, pay at the pump technology and similar options. When the company’s management team decided that its office needed a customized lobby sign that would double as a wayfinding tool and branding instrument, its representatives contacted our signage professionals for assistance.

Custom logo lobby signs Orange County CA

Your lobby needs to make that great first impression!

Business community insiders already know that the right lobby sign makes a huge difference in the way a consumer perceives a company. Whether the product greets the client who walks in from a street level entrance or one who approaches the reception desk from an elevator, making a great first impression is crucial.

After consulting with the management team for Electronic Commerce, we designed, manufactured and installed dimensional letters and a logo display from ½-inch thick PVC. Our technicians painted the pieces to be exact replicas of what the company’s clients see on the website. The logo portion proved a bit tricky since it had to be puzzle-fit with dimensional accuracy being paramount. Could we do it? Of course!

Addressing the Business Client

Custom made lobby signs for businesses in Orange County CA

Dimensional lettering combined with your logo!

When you do business with the public, it makes sense that you need to be on top of your game. Since these consumers quickly recognize which company pays close attention to the details of its presentation and which does not, selecting the right sign makes a difference between wooing a customer and losing out on the sale.

When you do business with merchant customers, stepping up your game even more becomes vital to your company’s survival. After all, you are dealing with economic peers who understand marketing and branding just as well as you do. They see through spot fixes and sub-par professional presentations. Make a mistake here, and you jeopardize your standing in the business community while also losing clients.

Customized, Excellent Signage Makes the Difference

PVC Letter and Logo Lobby Signs Orange County CA

Ready for a custom lobby sign?

For this reason, it pays to invest in custom lobby signs in Orange County, CA. Offer a professional look that appeals to the public as well as to members of the business community. Three distinct avenues provide you with the level of customization that makes the difference you are looking for.

  • Material selection. PVC is durable and a superior choice for dimensional letters. Other options include metal, foam, and acrylic. Depending on the type of business you are in, consider the combination of materials such as foam lettering with metal laminates or acrylic logo boards with metal lettering.
  • Installation technique. We mounted the letters we put together for Electronic Commerce directly to the wall. You may decide to do likewise or opt for standoffs.
  • Illumination. Although the majority of lobby signs are not wired for lighting, a new trend contradicts this wisdom. More and more businesses are now seeking to differentiate themselves in their fields by presenting visitors with a sign-delivered wow factor that comes from integrated LEDs, which provide shadow plays as well as light and color displays not previously considered.

Contact us today to learn more about your options and to discuss what you could do with your lobby wall space.

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