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Hair Salon Adds PVC 3D Letter Building Sign in Brea CA to Announce Grand Opening

 Aug 03, 2020

TATI + CO is a hair salon located at 330 South Brea Boulevard. With the grand opening right around the corner, this newcomer to the local business community needed to make a splash. Getting prospective customers talking is easy with the salon’s new PVC 3D letter building signs in Brea, CA.

Creating a Stylish Brand Identity with PVC Letters

3D Letter Building Signs in Brea CA

Every business needs a building sign. It is just a given. However, what you do with the sign sets you apart from others in your niche and business community. For TATI + CO, it was all about the brand message. As a hair salon that values chic, sass, and style, the signage had to be on point.

With the use of PVC, Superior Signs and Graphics was able to deliver. Our technicians cut out the individual letters from half-inch-thick material. Next, the team painted the distinctive style elements in a wrought iron black tone, which looks fantastic and perfectly accentuates the black trim on the bright white wall. 

PVC 3D Letter Building Signs in Brea CA

Finally, we installed the letters using studs on the newly painted stucco. Stud mounts make the 3D letters secure. Moreover, it does not require the use of silicone adhesive, which could discolor the stucco. Most importantly, we were able to install some three-dimensional building letters on the building’s slight curvature.

Presenting Your Brand Message with 3D Lettering

Building Signs for Hair Salons in Brea CA

It is fair to say that PVC is the perfect material for this job. Lightweight, slightly flexible, and budget-friendly, it is ideal for a new business that wants to make a big impression with its brand colors. Our shop has worked with many other companies that have also selected PVC for the very same reasons.

Dimensional Letter Building Signs in Orange County CA

That said, this material is not your only option. If you prefer something that will allow for a high-gloss paint application, we recommend acrylic. It is durable, mimics the appearance of glass, and brings an air of elegance to any building front. Metal is another choice. Opt for aluminum or another metal that is more in keeping with the message you want the consumer to see.

For the business owner that is envisioning the use of extraordinary three-dimensional letters that are nevertheless budget-friendly, you cannot go wrong with outdoor-rated sign foam. Allowing for thicknesses of up to three inches, this material looks fantastic and lasts for a long time. Besides that, you have different foam options, which let you select a product for a short-term or long-term lease requirement. Doing so will, of course, let you save money.

Do You Want to Buy PVC 3D Letter Building Signs in Brea, CA?

Exterior Signs in Brea CA

Are you thinking of following the example of TATI + CO by ordering three-dimensional PVC letters for your building’s façade? Did you know that we could use the same product – scaled down, of course – for your lobby sign as well? Besides that, we are happy to discuss other material options with you.

Superior Signs and Graphics serves the members of the business communities in and around the counties of Los Angeles and Orange. Reach out today to connect with one of our specialists!

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