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Graffiti-Proof Commercial Property ‘For Lease’ Signs are Now Available in Orange County, CA!

 Feb 06, 2023

Located at 17744 Sky Park Circle in Irvine, VERICRE is a market insider that provides customers in the commercial sector with full-service real estate brokerage services. One element that makes this business so successful is the use of pristine-looking commercial property ‘For Lease’ signs in Orange County, CA, and beyond. Do you know how they can maintain their signage looking so good?

commercial property for lease signs in orange county, ca

Commercial ‘For Lease’ Signs with Anti-Graffiti Laminate Protect a Signage Investment

‘For Lease’ signs are among the most powerful advertising products that real estate brokerages can display. They feature property details, advertise the brokerage, and introduce the specialists in charge of the location. Moreover, they easily fit into the customer’s expectations of what an excellent commercial property ad should look like.

However, these signs have become a target for taggers and vandals. In some cases, they obliterate the imprinted phone numbers or website addresses, so interested customers cannot contact the individual handling the space. Besides that, they might just put offensive scribbles or inappropriate drawings on the signage, which is an immediate turnoff for customers.

commercial real estate for lease signs with graffiti proof coating in orange county, ca

VERICRE Does Not Leave the Good Looks of Its Commercial Real Estate ‘For Lease’ Signs at the Mercy of Taggers

The graffiti-proof coating is the ideal antidote for this problem.  

  • Prevents permanent markers from sticking. This coating does not prevent taggers from spray-painting or scribbling on the sign. However, it keeps the inks’ chemicals from soaking into the material.
  • Easy to remove. As a result, you can remove the scribbles. A solvent and a soft cloth let you wipe it off as part of your commercial properties’ usual maintenance. The sign looks as good as new, and there is no need to replace the panels or paint over some objectionable language. 
  • A small investment. The anti-graffiti coating adds about 15% to the cost of your sign. However, this is a small investment because it keeps you from repeatedly replacing affected panels. 

commercial for lease signs with anti graffiti in orange county, ca

Superior Signs and Graphics Specializes in Graffiti-Proofed Commercial Property’ For Lease’ Signs in Orange County, CA

Being a full-service sign shop serving Orange and Los Angeles counties, our shop offers our clients the most advanced signage solutions currently on the market. While the Vandal Guard ant-graffiti laminate is a state-of-the-art product to use to prevent spray paint and permanent marker from defacing your signs, there are not that many sign shops currently offering it. Why is that?

For starters, the laminate adds cost to the signage. And, because so many companies are trying to be cheaper than anyone else in town, some neglect the investment in technologies that give clients more options. Additionally, working with the laminate is more challenging than it sounds. Technicians require expertise to apply the material and have it be invisible to the naked eye. Superior Signs and Graphics has experts on staff that routinely handle these projects.

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