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Giant Block Wall Lettering for School Athletics Programs in Orange County, CA!

 Sep 04, 2023

Orange Lutheran High School is an excellent example of a school that pays a lot of attention to its athletics program. Over the years, the signage this client has ordered showcases the connection coaches and students forge. Examples include wall murals with 3D letters, graphics along the weight room hallway, and large lettering for the gym. Just recently, we did huge pole banners that are placed around the athletic field. This time, our team returned for a set of block wall lettering in Orange County, CA.

huge block wall lettering for schools in orange county, ca

Preparing Composite Lettering on the Block Wall Adjacent to the Football Field

The administration had another project for its athletic field. This one involved four-foot-tall aluminum composite letters that would go on the block wall near the football field. This aluminum composite material comprises two aluminum sheets enveloping a polyethylene core. Our technicians used the pre-finished white sheets. 

Long-lasting 3M cast vinyl in the school’s maroon color spelled out the lettering. The block wall painted in the school’s beige color makes the giant block wall letters easily visible from the bleachers across the field. Notice the thin white border around each letter. It helps make the red color pop!

giant vinyl letters for high school athletics in orange county, ca

Does Your School Still Need Signage for Athletics Fields or Pool Decks?

Athletic field signage is essential to creating a visually appealing and informative sports environment. We have worked with various schools on a broad range of signage solutions.  

  • School name, logo, and mascot. A prominent sign at the entrance or near the field displays the school’s name, mascot, and logo. It greets players and parents. Besides that, it is an excellent opportunity for building the location’s brand.
  • Field name. For the school with a field named for a sponsor or other entity, display the information near the entrance or on a scoreboard.
  • Scoreboard. The scoreboard is an excellent option for advertising sponsors or building a brand. A digital or manual scoreboard shows the score, game time, and other relevant information. Its borders are usually set up to feature donor names and logos. If this information changes from year to year, we recommend using short-term vinyl overlays.
  • Banners. Banners or signs from local businesses or sponsors supporting the sports program are standard in high school athletics. We frequently place them along the fence or around the field. For fence banners, in particular, we like to use vinyl mesh that lets the wind go through the material, significantly minimizing tearing. Of course, we also put together team banners featuring the team’s name, mascot, and accomplishments. These are typically hung on or near the field.

giant block wall letters for schools in orange county, ca

Work with Our Specialist to Determine the Needed Signage Components Still Missing from Your Location

What could you do with block wall lettering in Orange County, CA? How about safety signage such as “no trespassing” warnings? Contact our shop today to find out more about your options.


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