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Gas Station Rebranding Requires a Professional Sign and Graphics Company in Anaheim, CA!

 Feb 23, 2023

Excalibur Fuels is a returning client. In the past, we assisted the company with a gas station rebranding in Westminster. This time, Superior Signs and Graphics was on hand for a gas station rebranding in Anaheim, CA.

fuel pump graphics and decals in anaheim, ca

Fuel Pump Graphics and Decals Signal a Change in Brand

For this project, our technicians did new cast vinyl graphics for the gas dispenser doors. Concurrently, they changed out the valence graphics at the tops of the dispensers. Because this facility has a monument sign, we designed and produced new translucent panels that the client will install later. Once completed, the rebranding is total, and all hints of the old brand are gone.

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