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Garza Industry Delivering Brand All Over Orange CA with Fleet Vehicle Wraps!

 Jan 06, 2014
Fleet Vehicle Wraps Great for Delivery Vehicles!

Wraps and Graphics Awesome for Delivery Vehicles!

Established in 1990, Garza Industries is Southern California’s reliable commercial retailer for office papers and computer supplies. The business’ sizable fleet of delivery vehicles is a common site throughout Orange County and beyond. When the company’s owners realized just how often their fleet vehicles rolled though residential and commercial districts, they decided to join the select group of retailers that have incorporated fleet vehicle wraps. For Orange, CA, business owners, collaborating on this project with Superior Signs and Graphics is a given.

We took a good look at the vehicles to be wrapped and realized that the unique lines of the automobiles were perfect for three-quarter wraps with window perforation. The sophisticated vinyl wrapping offers three distinct colors, the company’s name and logo, some examples of services that the business provides and the logos of the most popular manufacturers Garza represents. When these vehicles drive down the street, they turn heads. In fact, the advertising is so effective that the delivery fleet now reinforces brand awareness across the company’s delivery area.

Do you want to achieve a similar level of brand awareness for your business? You do not need an entire fleet to make a big impression. Even if you only have two or three automobiles, you can still take advantage of fleet vehicle wraps for Orange, CA, business owners.

  • Long lasting. These wraps are made of high-quality vinyl. They withstand even the tough rays of the Southern California sun for about five years. There is no peeling or darkening of the material around the windows.
  • Colorful. The typical color palettes of yesteryear do not dictate your color choices. Select custom colors to accommodate your logo or choose unique color combinations that turn into eye-popping displays while you are on the road.
  • Safe. Perforated window wrapping uses the spatial layout of your vehicle’s surface to its fullest advantage. At the same time, this wrapping material is safe for the driver. You do not experience a loss of vision or an increase in blind spots. Your driving experience will be identical to handling the pre-wrap vehicle.
  • Cost effective. Advertising on the radio or in the newspaper only offers you limited success. In addition to being expensive, these marketing products are temporary at best. Wrapped fleet vehicles, on the other hand, advertise your business’ name and services for about five years. As soon as you put one of your vehicles on the road, your advertising starts. When you are in the business of delivering products or visiting clients during service calls, you are enhancing your brand and name awareness with every revolution of the tires.

Contact us to learn more about this amazing advertising tool. We gladly make a site visit to look at the cars and work up some graphics that show how the vinyl would envelop the automobile with its lines in mind. Even if you are not certain that your particular vehicles are good candidates for the process, you might just be surprised at the options that are open to you!

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