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Frosted Glass Treatments Give a Luxurious Look and Provide Privacy for Law Offices in Los Angeles!

 Jun 28, 2021

A few years ago, we worked with the team at the Law Offices of Savin & Bursk. At that time, the client requested a lobby sign, a large conference room shield logo, and frosted glass graphics on the doors to their conference room. Recently, the client asked that we come out again to conduct additional frosted glass treatments in Los Angeles.

Saving Money with Frosted Vinyl Glass Treatments in the Office

Frosted Glass Treatments in Los Angeles

The law firm’s office walls consist primarily of glass. It is a chic look that exemplifies the design of contemporary, upscale offices. However, privacy is at a premium. The firm could have opted to have the office glass taken in for sandblasting, which is expensive and requires technicians to uninstall the glass panels, take them away, and reinstall them.

Our sign shop had a different solution. We fabricated four-inch-tall stripes of solid frosted vinyl. We placed them on the middle thirds of the glass panes. This setup makes for maximum privacy while still allowing the glass to remain open at the top and bottom, letting natural light permeate the space.

frosted and etched glass graphics for office privacy in los angeles, ca

Now, the walls look like they underwent the expensive factory treatment; but the client received this display for pennies on the dollar. The team at Savin & Bursk was so impressed with the office’s new look, they gave our installers t-shirts and took a photo of them in front of the finished project!

A Closer Look at Frosted Vinyl for Glass Treatments

frosted glass stripes for privacy in los angeles offices

Vinyl is a durable material that is suitable for mounting to glass surfaces. The frosted display, some call it a dusted crystal look, is translucent but not transparent. This means that those looking into the room might be able to see shapes but no details. Because of its manufacturing, the product has a matte finish, which creates the illusion that the glass panels were sandblasted.

The majority of clients request frosted vinyl with light gray coloring. However, it is also possible to install colorful frosted vinyl instead. Examples include blue, green, pink, and yellow. If you like the good looks of the gray but still want to add splashes of color, consider having us print graphics on the material. It is a great look that adds elegance and brand-building opportunities to your space.

How to Buy Frosted Glass Treatments in Los Angeles

frosted and etched glass graphics in los angeles, ca

Superior Signs and Graphics specializes in designing, producing, and installing all types of frosted vinyl. We can put together stripes that close off a third or more of the glass panels. Some clients request floor-to-ceiling vinyl treatments, which is frequently a good idea for an office entry door made from glass.

completed install of frosted glass graphics at Savin Bursk in encino, ca

Another option is the idea of cutting out shapes, letters, or numerals from the frosted material. We call it etching. It gives the glass the look of customized details being added for decorative purposes. In the process, you have the power to change the feel of the space. If you are unsure which types of vinyl to use for your windows, discuss your thoughts with our specialists today!

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