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“For Lease” Signs and Banners Close Real Estate Vacancies in Orange County, CA!

 Apr 14, 2020

Does your strip mall, business park, or office building have vacancies? Property owners and management companies alike want to fill these as quickly as possible. How can you attract prospective tenants? With the right “For Lease” signs and banners in Orange County CA, you efficiently target the demographics you are looking for.

Rent Vacant Storefronts with Banners

For Lease Signs and Banners in Orange County CA

Banners are ideally suited for the property management company with multiple venues. Not only are these signs easy on the budget, but they are also easy to put up yourself. Moreover, they store well, which makes them reusable when you have future openings in your tenant lineup.

Commercial Property For Lease Banners in Orange County CA

White on red lettering is among the most visible displays of the leasing message. It quickly gets the attention of passersby. Those who are business owners may feel the nudge to relocate their companies to your venues when they are better positioned than their current settings.

We recommend the use of long-lasting vinyl that we imprint with your corporate identity as well as the “For Lease” message. Besides that, consider putting the next emphasis on your phone number for easy readability. These banners look great over a bank of windows, above an entrance, or toward the top of a building’s façade.

Get Tenants to Move into Retail Vacancies through Post and Panel Signs

Commercial Real Estate Signs in Orange County CA

While banners mark the actual locations that are vacant, post and panel signs have the power to attract the attention of anyone going past your site. This makes them an excellent solution for venues that may feature multiple opening or are situated away from the street.

Commercial Offices For Lease Signs in Orange County CA

A case in point is a business park with an unoccupied office or storefront that is toward the back of the property. In this case, the street-level sign alerts passersby to the availability of the space. Besides that, you might rely on this signage setup to provide additional information that targets specific demographics. A good example is a medical office space that you currently have for lease.

Capitalize on Tourism to Lease Open Retail Locations

For Lease Retail Space Window Graphics in Orange County CA

It is an open secret that Orange County is a beacon for tourists visiting the Southland. Famous for its beach scene and restaurants, several cities stand out. When you want to attract retailers to these spaces, you can pinpoint the tourist business that would be of interest to them.

For Lease Window Graphics in Orange County CA

Many business clients have had excellent success with window wraps and graphics that feature scenes typical of the OC. Moreover, these graphics products showcase happy pedestrians and tourists who would visit the location. Augment window wraps with “For Lease” graphics and lettering.

Ordering “For Lease” Signs and Banners in Orange County, CA

For Lease Vinyl Lettering in Orange County CA

Now is an excellent time to invest in your signage that signals the availability of open office, retail, and storefront spaces. Whether you want to try one of the signage solutions that we suggested, have your eye on a converted lightbox cabinet facing, or are thinking of something else altogether, Superior Signs and Graphics can assist. Contact us today to discuss “For Lease” signs and banners for Orange County CA! You will lease your properties faster!

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