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Metadata Brands Their Medical Review Software with Exterior Building Sign

 Nov 25, 2014

In the business of providing medical bill review software that handle claims such as worker’s compensation and auto liability, Medata has been an innovative force in the industry since 1975. When it came time to add exterior signage that would brand the software giant’s product but also serve as a wayfinding tool for consumers, the company’s management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics.

Foam Letter Exterior Building Signs Orange County

Foam letters stand out beautifully!

The Need for Exterior Building Signs

After consulting with the Medata team, we evaluated the building’s façade for a signage solution that would be attractive, perfect for branding and cost effective. We realized that the company would do well with our exterior foam letter dimensional building signs for Orange County businesses. When you look closely, you will notice that we kept the foam thin to give the illusion of a painted aluminum or acrylic setup. In addition, we chose a dark paint color that perfectly plays off the backdrop’s sand tones.

Have you been thinking of upgrading your exterior signage? With respect to foam letter building signs, Orange County company owners report that they have had excellent results with these markers.


The term “foam” sounds deceptively soft. But this is a foam product that is rated for outdoor use and treated for withstanding anything that the weather will throw at it. Storms, rain and consistent sunshine are no match for the treated form that does well in any and all of these conditions.

Exterior building signs Orange County

Durable, attractive and affordable!


We can paint the foam any color. If you are thinking of adding a thicker marker than Medata, we can also paint the sides in different colors to further accentuate the look of the fronts. Whether you want to complement or stand out from the backdrop color that is the façade, we have a paint that is bound to be perfect. And if you need a specialty shade mixed to remind of your website’s color scheme? Well, we can do that, too.


Foam is an inexpensive material. We can cut and shape it to display any letter and also a logo. When you decide to dress up the fronts with laminates made of acrylic or metal, the cost does go up – but not so significantly as to be a deal breaker.

Building Signs Orange County

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Illuminate your new building sign with façade lamps to create a play of light and shadows that only this type of three-dimensional marker can provide. Some companies have chosen to aim special landscape lights at their exterior building signs. Of course, you do not have to select any type of illumination. If you are only conducting business during standard banker’s hours, you will do fine without the façade lighting.

If it is time to replace or upgrade your building marker, talk to our friendly foam signage specialists. We gladly visit your venue for a site evaluation and take some measurements. At this time, we offer you a number of ideas and suggestions. We create proofs of the proposed marker and, when you are certain that we have captured your vision, handle the permitting, the manufacture and the installation.

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