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Fleet Vehicle Wraps Provide Advertising Value for Businesses in Orange County, CA!

 Oct 10, 2022

We love working with our neighbors! A great example is Fuller Stone Care, which also does business in the light industrial complex where our shop is. The company has two vans and two box trucks that technicians use in their business. The client never thought of putting fleet vehicle wraps in Buena Park, CA, on these vehicles – until recently.

Fleet Vehicle Wraps in Buena Park CA

Ford Transit Van Graphics are More Effective Than Billboard Ads

Before discussing custom graphics of commercial vans with our specialists, the client bought some billboard space on the local freeway. After talking to us, they realized that the business could get long-lasting advertising on their vehicles for the price of a one-month billboard ad! Best of all, we even handled the design process.

The client selected a partial wrap for their Ford Transit Sprinter vans. Next week, we will start on the box trucks. For the vans, we juxtaposed the blue brand color with the vehicles’ white base color. The middle displays Fuller Stone Care’s services to its customers in blue-on-white print. 

Ford Transit van graphics in buena park, ca

However, the tops of the vans feature a brand-blue stripe with white lettering that identifies the company’s website address. The bottom half is blue with white numerals for the phone number. Besides that, we added full-color photos showing off some of the client’s work. For the rear, we repeated the menu of services and contact details but also added the contractor’s state license number. 

Save Money with Orange County Custom Graphics of Commercial Vans

The finished van wraps look neat, get attention, and advertise around the clock for the client. Most importantly, they are not languishing in one spot where they might get some folks to notice them. Instead, they are constantly on the road, which makes it possible to introduce scores of new prospective customers to the business and its menu of services.

custom graphics of commercial vans in buena park, ca

A menu of services is an excellent option for any firm looking to expand its service territory. Concurrently, using full-color photos to advertise the look of products makes sense when a lot of your work focuses on the visual aspects of any service. For this client, we did both, and the elements combined perfectly.

sprinter van wraps in buena park, ca

We Help You Design Brand-Centric Fleet Vehicle Wraps in Buena Park, CA

Have we inspired you to put your advertising money where it can reach the greatest number of would-be customers? If your business does not yet have any specs, work with our graphic artist to combine your corporate color palette and brand style to create a look that is uniquely yours. On the other hand, if you already have some specs that you have worked with, we can incorporate them in the design, size them appropriately, and ensure that your fleet vehicles stand out like never before.

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