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Lube Express in Buena Park Advertises with Service Menu Signs!

 Jul 15, 2014
Auto repair center service menu signs

Put your services and prices where clients can see them!

Lube Express is an auto repair service that is located at 6812 Beach Boulevard. Perfectly situated between Melrose and 11th Streets, the business is easy to access for customers in need of a quick and inexpensive oil change and ancillary services. When it came time to refurbish their worn signs and banner, the company contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for help.

Signs for the Auto Repair Industry

We invited the nice folks to come on down and bring us their old signs. After looking these over, we discussed the customer’s vision for new and visually more attractive signage. In particular, the professionals wanted us to create new better-looking replacements that would be showing off their new menu of services as well as the details about their 15-point inspection.

Oil change service menu signs Orange County

Let customers know your prices upfront!


The markers we created are informative and easy to read. By displaying the company’s name on the top and an eye-popping graphic in the middle, we succeeded in attractively displaying the details of their various products and services that consumers may choose from. The black typeface against the white matte background stands out and is easy to take in even from a distance. Moreover, the absence of flashy colors or design elements makes these signs quick reads.

Express lube service menu signs for Buena Park, CA, need to be easy to read and use the type of terminology that most customers are familiar with. Since plenty of customers come to Lube Express from other – frequently more expensive – automotive service providers, using the same phrases that are becoming an industry standard is a key element to communicating with drivers even before the first staff member gets to say “hi.”

There is also another reason why auto repair service menu signs in Orange County need to be easy to read: competition. It is not unusual for a motorist to drive down a Buena Park street – or the street of any other Orange County city – and notice two or even three different auto maintenance shops located on the same block. To remain competitive, superior signage is a necessity. Lube Express knows that attracting customers works best by displaying service details that the consumer can read even before getting out of the car right on the service drive.

Buy auto service menu signs cheap in Orange County

Quick to fabricate, easy to install!


Signs That Inform

By pairing the service menu with the corresponding prices, this business has discovered a great way of getting ahead of the competition. You see, consumers do not need a lot of flashy color and gimmicks when they need to comparison-shop in the blink of an eye. Rather, they need to be able to compare prices and service options while the vehicle is in transit.

Are you thinking of refurbishing or upgrading your service business’ signs? We can help!

  • Update store signage. Whether it is a faded channel letter sign or an outdated lightbox cabinet marker that needs an overhaul, we can help. This is particularly crucial when you have been in business for more than two decades and the initial colors are now considered dated.
  • Refurbish banners and posters. If you have not redone your signage in the last decade, it may be high time. Graphics are getting old and the sunshine might have faded some of the older signs. Replace them with sleek modern versions.

We can make your automotive center shine in Orange County!

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