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Fleet Graphics in Buena Park That Add Value Without a Huge Investment!

 Nov 04, 2019

Just recently, we did another Fenn truck with a shell. Loyal readers of the Superior Signs and Graphics blog already know that we have treated about 20 vehicles for this client by now. They included trucks with shells and locking tonneau covers.

Using Fleet Graphics in Buena Park to Create Eye-Catching Advertisements

Fleet Graphics in Buena Park CA

In the past, Fenn Pest & Termite Control advertised only with die-cut graphics. It was a good approach but lacked the eye candy the management team was looking for. At that time, the firm learned about Superior’s affordable vinyl graphics program for fleet vehicles.

Vehicle Graphics in Buena Park CA

The new design resulted in a presentation that turns heads. It included a gradient color change that would be difficult to replicate with paint. Most importantly, it offset the colors of the company’s corporate identity displays. Therefore, the company succeeded in boosting its visibility on the road.

The Secret: You Do Not Have to Spend a Mint to Achieve This Result

Common sense would tell you that a gradient color change wrap is expensive. In this case, you would be wrong. Our technicians have perfected a type of wrap that mimics a full wrap product but actually only consists of a partial wrap. Therefore, you get a full-wrap look at a much-reduced price.

Pest Control Vehicle Graphics in Buena Park CA

They do so by wrapping the sides of the truck bed, the shell, and the rear parts of the cab. They then design the wrap to fade to white, which is the base color of the vehicle at the front. Through a skillful blending of the colors and perfect matching of the base hue, you get a product that looks like something much more expensive.

By the way, the areas that we do not wrap – the front fenders and the hood, for example – are not prime real estate for advertising messages in the first place. As a result, you do not lose out on the effectiveness of the marketing presentation.

Who Benefits from Fleet Graphics?

Fleet Wraps Installation in Buena Park CA

A look at the vehicle vinyl installation process!

Contractors are among the primary client base that we serve when it comes to fleet graphics. That said, any business with more than one vehicle can benefit from the value of the Superior Signs and Graphics wrap program.

  • Boost brand awareness. Are consumers aware of your brand? Do they recognize your logo? If not, vehicle graphics on multiple cars, trucks, or vans showcase your logo and company name.
  • Increase name recognition. Become a household name in your chosen territory. Conversely, enhance name recognition in areas that you want to add to your service area. It is an excellent precursor to sending out sales collateral that features your company’s name and coupons.
  • Heighten brand knowledge. Do consumers know what you do? When we add a menu of services to the mix, you can ensure that everyone knows exactly what niche you serve.

It all starts with fleet graphics in Buena Park, CA. Even if you do not have a completed design sketch on hand, we can still help you. Entrust our graphic artist with the design of the vehicle wrap that can save you money.

Superior Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around Orange and Los Angeles counties. Contact us today to schedule your design appointment.

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