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Eye-Catching Retail Storefront Window Graphics in Southgate, CA Bring in Customers!

 Oct 30, 2019

Loyal readers of our blog already know that we have a long-standing professional relationship with Ria Money Transfer. A short while ago, we updated the Ria agent store in Lynwood. This time around, the company commissioned us to put up retail storefront window graphics in Southgate CA for another agent store.

Before and After Photos Show the Power of Brand Presentation

Perforated Window Graphics in Southgate CA

Prior to our treatment, Ria was a byline on the window advertising that the storefront featured. After the procedure, the storefront looks inviting and is a Ria marketing and branding powerhouse. In bilingual lettering, it explains what services are now available to the consumer. The company’s key color usage is a brand reminder that strengthens the overall appeal of the agent location. Now, prospective customers can see at a glance where to go for their money transfer needs.

Working with Retailers on Brand Features

Retail Stores Need Window Graphics in Southgate CA

A look at their storefront before the new window graphics.

Ria is a well-known brand that serves a growing consumer demographic. Your company might also be targeting an ever-increasing clientele. Doing so requires you to identify the locations where consumers can find your products or services. In the past, you might have supported an agent store or retailer with a poster.

However, window graphics or wraps are much more effective.

  • Durability. Unlike a poster that gets jostled, crinkled, and gradually lightens in the sunshine, window graphics remain true to your message. They can stay in place for years. We can add UV protection to maintain the colorfast nature of the products. Besides that, we can add an anti-graffiti laminate, which protects against the scribbles of “artists.”
  • Colorfulness. Window graphics typically cover an entire pane or go over multiple window panes. They look great and add considerable splashes of color to the mix. Doing so can be instrumental in drawing attention to your brand, product, or service.
  • The extent of the message. By adding window graphics, you also expand on the message. Whereas before there was only a brief mentioning of the Ria name, there is now a niche explanation. While a poster might add some of that, window graphics over several panels accomplish so much more.

Designing Retail Storefront Window Graphics in Southgate, CA

Retail Storefront Window Graphics in Southgate CA

What a difference retail storefront window graphics make!

What do you want your storefront window graphics to look like? If you already have specs on hand, we can assist you with transforming the overall look and feel of the venue’s exterior by adding the style elements into a visually compelling presentation. We focus on the vibrancy of the colors as well as the bold mentioning of your corporate identity.

That said, you can work with our shop even if you do not have all your specs ready to go. We routinely work with business owners who have a general idea of what they want to see but do not yet have drawings or plans for the finished product. Entrust our graphic artist with translating your project into workable window presentations that compel the consumer to step in. We can treat one windowpane or multiple panels with graphics or whole glass wraps to meet your needs.

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