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Pet Groomer Lights Up with Face Lit Channel Letters in Orange County!

 Jan 08, 2015

Whom do you call when your pet needs to have its nails trimmed, ears cleaned or requires a breed-specific customized fur trim? The answer is simple for Orange County’s pet lovers: They call Sweet Paws Pet Grooming. Located at 2508 East Chapman Avenue in Orange, this groomer bathes, grooms and offers dog daycare at the facility. When it came time to add exterior signage that would get the attention of passersby and brand the business in the process, Superior Signs and Graphics received a call. Glad to assist, we visited with the company’s management team.

Face lit channel letter signs Orange County

These face lit letters are attention-getters!

Lighting Things Up with Channel Letters

Upon arrival at the venue, we first noticed the large wall overhang that characterizes the look of the façade. It was clear that the signage had to be large and impressive. After discussions, measurements and suggestions, we settled on face lit channel letters for pet groomers in Orange County. The letters have impressive black perforated vinyl faces that we mounted to aluminum for stability and durability. Black is an excellent color to demand attention on the large wall overhang. At the same time, it can be difficult to illuminate from behind. This is why we chose a perforated vinyl covering. After dark, this sign lights up and attracts passersby and pet lovers from near and far.

Various Options Available

Local service providers and retailers favor face lit channel letters. Orange County strip malls and shopping venues feature a wide variety of stores and service establishments in very close proximity. As a result, each company is trying to get the attention of consumers with the kind of exterior signage that markets and brands well. Channel letters are among the most versatile signage solutions in this setting. But how do you know which type is right for you?

Channel Letter Signs Orange County

Great for shopping and strip malls!

Lit vs. unlit. There are few occasions when a lit exterior sign is not necessary. If your business hours only take place during daylight and there is no real customer foot traffic at other times of the day or night, there is not real need for lit channel letters. But if you operate early in the morning, in the later afternoon or during the evening, lit versions are essential to being seen. An unlit marker after dark signals that a business is likely closed.

Lighting options. Front lit lettering is the most commonly chosen option for retailers and service providers. But some establishments – among them fine dining venues, upscale boutiques and art galleries – favor the more diffused halo effect of back-lit lettering. Rather than sending the light through the front of the letters, these letters are closed in front and left open in the back. The illumination is not as bright but creates a gorgeous halo effect that looks chic, classy and entices consumers to come and take a closer look. For the best of both worlds, it is possible to manufacture channel letter signs to release the illumination from the front and back.

Illuminated Channel Letters Orange County

Ask us about adding illuminated channel letters!

Mounting choices. You may ask us to mount the letters directly to the wall. The pet groomer went this route and the letters look very attractive. The added logo – consisting of two heart-shaped paws – looks very eye-catching in this setting. Because of the imposing size of the wall, this was the best mounting choice. But other setups may call for a raceway mount. When walls are uneven or there is very limited space, this is a good idea.

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