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Custom Designed Wall Graphics and Murals for Schools in Orange County, CA!

 Jun 13, 2022

How do you imbue the hallways of a school with eye-catching graphics that look great, generate school spirit, and support your mission of education? Most importantly, how can you do it on a budget? The answer is simple: select custom-designed wall graphics and murals for schools in Orange County, CA, and make a huge difference in the ways that students, teachers, and parents interact with your brand. 

custom wall murals for schools in orange county, ca

Case Study Orange Lutheran High School

Our team has spent a lot of time on the campus of Orange Lutheran. In the past, we did new wall graphics and banners as well as bold wall graphics for the athletics program. Because school wall murals can breathe new life into even the most challenging spaces, it made sense to invest in these products for locker rooms, hallways, and, now, the welcome center.

custom wall graphics for schools in orange county

This is the space where students and parents enter the school. It is the first impression of being enveloped by the school’s brand for those considering enrollment. Already enrolled students appreciate the display of school colors and images that support school pride and spirit. 

This video shows vignettes of the work we have done for the school over the years. It also underscores that high-quality 3M vinyl covers a multitude of dings, nicks, and scratches without needing to replace doors or repaint walls. And, because the material is easy to clean, it will maintain its great looks for a long time. (In areas where you suspect danger of graffiti, we could add an anti-graffiti laminate!) Protecting your investment has never been easier.

An Integral Aspect of School and College Campus Upgrades across the State

The days of uniformly painted hallways are largely coming to an end. The same is true for chain link fences on the sports fields. We have another video featuring the work we did for the Fullerton Titans. Administrators discovered that the advantage of graphics, besides the price, is versatility.

school wall murals in orange county ca

Since we use different types of vinyl, you can have slip-resistant floor graphics, see-through perforated window treatments, and tough vinyl that is ideal for exterior walls. Put up by our 3M preferred installers, the finished product withstands rain, will not peel, and is measured perfectly. All the seams match, and there is not a bubble in sight.

What Does Your Campus Need to Welcome Students in the Fall?

Use the summer break to upgrade the look of your school’s campus. Custom-designed wall graphics and murals for schools in Orange County, CA, are excellent for installation on sports fields, in classrooms, along hallways, and on stadium floors. Recognize the upcoming school year’s athletic supporters with a prominent mention on wall murals. 

Inspire incoming student-athletes with graphics featuring graduating seniors who excelled in various sports. Transform a science lab into an alchemist’s lab or a classroom into a space reminiscent of Hogwarts. There is no shortage of opportunities. For example, some school clients like to feature different book titles in long hallways. 

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