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Eye-Catching Wall Murals for Businesses in Orange County CA

 Feb 01, 2016

Located at 15121 Graham Street in Suite B106, Huntington Beach, Analox is a sensor technology firm with headquarters in the United Kingdom. Its products are in high demand in the aerospace, marine and agricultural sectors. When the company’s management team decided to upgrade the look of its office entryway with wall wraps, the group decided to duplicate the appearance of a similar product used for the headquarters. Since we had previously done work on the company’s building sign, it made sense that we were asked to return for this project as well.

Wall Wraps for Tech Companies in Orange County, CA

Eye-catching wall murals for businesses in Orange County CA

Brighten your lobby with wall murals!

After a consultation with the team, our graphic artists designed a wall wrap that now covers two adjacent walls. As clients enter the space, they see a mountain range, as well as images of space above it and oceans below it, that continues on two walls. The white lettering spells out an adaptation of the company’s slogan. Another wall displays the logo and niche explanation of the business. We used a matte finish on this attractive setup to minimize any glare that sunlight would bring into the entryway.

Wall Wrap Design Ideas and Applications

You do not have to be in the high technology sector to appreciate the versatility of the medium.

Wall Graphics and Murals for Orange County CA Businesses

Instantly change your office interior!

Transform an industrial space. Whether it is your manufacturing plant’s foyer or the warehouse’s receiving dock, treating walls with a wrap transforms the stark, industrial appearance into one that is more artistic and attractive. Designs may be as unexpected as landscapes or as apropos as the view of an old-fashioned loading dock from the 1950s.

Create a marketing backdrop. Retailers understand that the use of wall wraps succeeds in the instantaneous change of a space’s look. Whatever product you sell, consider the use of wall treatments to set a stage for them. For surfboard stores, the display of ocean vistas and perfect waves makes sense.

Inspire change. Spas and gyms are just two types of businesses that help clients to change. Whether it is a fitness level, a look or an attitude, wall wraps make it possible to create an atmosphere conducive to change. Inspire clients to reach new goals with relaxation or fitness-related images.

Visually enlarge a space. When your storefront is small, or the office space is minute, optical illusions are ideal to make the space seem larger than it is. Clever wall treatments allow you to add height or depth to rooms that have very little. Examples include 3D images of artwork, added rooms or even street scenes. For those spaces that lack windows, the display of outdoor scenery seen through a large glass door or window is ideal.

Discussing Your Wall Product with the Experts

Wall Graphics and Murals for Businesses in Orange County CA

Wall graphic panels!

If we have inspired you to look more closely at office wall wraps for Orange County, CA, properties, discuss your ideas with our graphic artists. In addition to changing the visual aesthetics of your space, these products also succeed in covering up unsightly walls, discolorations, scuff marks and similar damages that thus far have created an unwelcoming environment. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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