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Eye-Catching Auto Service Center Signs and Graphics in Fullerton!

 Dec 14, 2018

Auto repair signs and graphics Fullerton CA

Located at 820 W Commonwealth Avenue, Fisk Automotive is an ASE Blue Seal Certified automotive repair center. In business since 1973, Fisk just recently opened its Fullerton location. When the company’s management team needed new building signs and graphics in Fullerton, its representative contacted our sign shop for assistance.

Taking Advantage of a Busy Intersection Exposure

Auto Service Center Signs and Graphics Fullerton CA

New faces for their buildings’ cabinet sign!

Our team started by designing new sign faces for the lighted corner building sign. Doing so boosts the visibility of the company. We added matching graphics for a further sign that we added over the service bay door. It ties the presentation together with an attractive visual counterpoint.

Most importantly, the sign over the service bay is on the side of the building, which faces a bustling intersection. With the marker in place, the auto repair facility takes advantage of its location to advertise its presence and services. Because the signs feature white lettering against a red backdrop, they stand out beautifully from the beige wall to which we mounted them.

Signage Combinations Pack Powerful One-Two Punches

Auto Repair Sign Installation Fullerton CA

Sign installation is a snap with our aerial bucket van!

The building sign with its colorful fronts is a beacon when it lights up after dark. It presents the corporate persona in the form of the logo and company name. The secondary sign expands on the message. It repeats the color play of the building sign. However, it also presents a niche explanation. In this way, the combination of signs offers a strong advertising and branding message to the consumer.

Of course, there are other options, too.

  • Window graphics. Support your corporate persona with window graphics. Add lettering to spell out product details. For example, if you operate a bakery, highlight what types of goods you offer and whether you provide specialty services. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight the gluten-free items you carry.
  • A-frames. The A-frame impresses with its portability and versatility. You place it into the flow of foot traffic right in front of your venue. Most importantly, you can use insert pockets to present changing messages. By having us paint the A-frame in your company’s colors, you can tie in the branding with your building sign while changing inserts showcase what you offer.
  • Banners. Temporary banners advertise great deals and special offers. Consumers know to keep their eyes open for them. It makes them an excellent attention getter when you are running a seasonal sale or want to advertise the availability of a popular product or service. We recommend the use of durable vinyl that is easy to maintain for future use.

Ordering Building Signs and Graphics in Fullerton, CA

Exterior signs for auto repair companies in Fullerton CA

Ready to update your exterior signs?

Which signage is your business missing right now? Is your building sign up to par? Are you missing out on the opportunity to advertise what makes you different from others in your niche? Our team can help you find new ways of attracting foot traffic and bringing in prospective shoppers.

Discuss your plans with our graphic artist. Most importantly, if you are unsure what types of signs you should add to your setup, we gladly assist you with advice. Contact us today to get started on the project!

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