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Amazing Remote Control Plane Vinyl Decals Make “Flyer” Happy!

 Oct 21, 2014
Remote control plane vinyl decals Orange County

Yes, we can personalize your RC “toys!”

Our customers know Superior Signs and Graphics as the professionals who will manufacture eye-grabbing signage and amazing vehicle wraps. You routinely see our handiwork above the doors of the most prestigious and famous eateries as well as retailers. High-tech companies rely on our vehicle vinyl wraps for marketing and branding. But did you know that we also manufacture remote control plane decals? Orange County hobbyists in the know are well aware of the tight-knit community that this pastime has created.

Remote Control Plane Decals

When one member of this group was flying his scaled replica prop plane via remote control, he thought that something was missing, which would take his plane from excellent to extraordinary. He contacted us and brought an 110cc gas motor remote controlled airplane that will do speeds of 270 miles per hour. He and a friend had gone out and found the original plane after which the replica is modeled. He then had photos taken – of him and his friend – in the cockpit of the original. Now, he wanted these photos turned into decals that would perfectly fit the model airplane and make it look as though he and his buddy were truly sitting in the small cockpit!

Remote control car decals Orange County

Photos transformed in vinyl decals!

Is this something that we could do? You bet! After downloading the photos, we did a bit of photo-shopping to add clouds and also create a realistic framework of the glass. We edited out the hangar background. After all, you cannot be flying in the clouds with that type of setting! We printed and laminated the finished pictures onto cast vinyl. This created the windshield as well as the rear window look. The client is so happy with the finished result that he cannot wait to fly his newly decorated model airplane at the next club event.

Add Vinyl Decals to Your RC Toys!

There you have it. While we are well known in the business community for treating the windows of vehicles and commercial venues, we are also happy to do vinyl decals for RC planes in Orange County. In fact, thinking outside the box and applying these products to other surfaces is something that we have long been happy to accommodate when our customers presented us with challenges. Whether it is the idea of taking the wrap and applying it to a scooter or bike, or using the technology to beautify a model airplane, we are so comfortable with the material that we know just how to adapt it to your needs.

Vinyl decals for RC planes in Orange County

Ask us about vinyl decals for RC planes!

So, what will it be? Would you like us to enhance the look and realistic appearance of a model plane or remote-controlled speed boat? Would you like us to install vinyl window covering to give the illusion that your son is sitting in the driver’s seat of a remote-controlled Corvette? Perhaps you have little time for these fun and community-friendly pastimes and instead need something that helps you market your business. We can help you with that, too. Talk to our expert decal makers to find out how the technology and a professional installation can take your truck, van or fleet vehicle from nondescript to heavily marketing.

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