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Sea Canyon Adds Aluminum Lettering to Housing Community

 Jan 22, 2015

Exterior aluminum lettering for housing communities in Orange County is a cost-effective signage solution that assists with wayfinding even as it beautifies the locale. Case in point is Sea Canyon. This Dana Point housing development is an Orange County jewel. When the development’s management organization decided to upgrade the look of the walls surrounding the community, Superior Signs and Graphics got the call.

Exterior Aluminum Lettering the Perfect Look

Aluminum wall lettering for HOAs in Orange County

Aluminum lettering durable and attractive

We discussed material choices with the group. It was decided to go for durability with aluminum lettering. The material is ¼-inch thick and displays a gold anodized finish. The height of the letters is 18 inches. We stud-mounted the letters to the wall for added longevity of the installation. The organization was so pleased that it scheduled a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the impressive sign.

Home-owner associations (HOAs) and managed housing developments greatly benefit from exterior aluminum lettering. For housing communities in Orange County that are near the ocean, the material proves to be impervious to the salt in the air, the sunny Southern California skies and the bits of sand that are in the air during a windy day. The material is also impervious to insect damage, particularly the dreaded termite that is so prevalent in some areas of the OC.

But there are other signage options, too.

Sandblasted/Routed Signs

Rather than using stand-alone lettering, this signage product actually calls for the use of a shaped board. Choose any shape that you like. The material can then be routed, sanded or shaved away for an almost rustic appeal. Careful paint jobs imbue the marker with personality while a clear coat finish protects against UV ray damage. This is an excellent option for communities near the water that want to maintain a certain seafaring character.

Aluminum wall lettering for housing communities in Orange County

Great for neighborhood communities and HOAs

Monument Markers

When you want to remove the signage from the wall and place it near an entrance, opt for a monument sign. Pre-fabricated signs are easy on the community’s resources and come in a wide variety of attractive shapes and sizes. Made from high-density urethane (HDU) and similar materials, you know that the product will last for a long time.

Dimensional Lettering

If only dimensional letters will do, you have the option of having them installed directly to a wall, which is what Sea Canyon did, or have them mounted onto an attractive board that may then be mounted to the wall or suspended as a shingle near the entrance. Depending on the look and atmosphere of the community, this signage product greatly enhances its appearance.

Talk to our friendly professionals today for more information and to get started on your order. We know that funding is always a major concern for HOAs and community management organizations. Our experts work with you to discover the look that suits your setting the best and also keeps you well within the budget. We discuss material selections, site-specific challenges and offer you input about color options that enhance branding of your community. If you already have an existing marker but do not know if it could be saved with a refurbishment, we gladly give you our expert opinion and an estimate on the work and the materials.

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