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Escape Room Window Graphics at Los Angeles Mall Block Construction and Announce, “Coming Soon”!

 Mar 28, 2018

Coming Soon Window Graphics | Los Angeles CA

Escape Room adventures are one of the hottest activities in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. They are ideal for team-building, a night out with a group of friends, and greatly appeal to folks who love to solve a mystery hands-on. When the Escape Room in Glendale started construction on its venue at the Glendale Galleria Mall, a management team representative contacted us to discuss the design of brand-building, coming soon window graphics in Los Angeles.

Announcing the Arrival of a New Business to a Broad Range of Consumers

Custom vinyl window graphics for mall retailers in Los Angeles CA

Custom wall murals for mall retailers are one of our specialities!

The Glendale Galleria attracts foot traffic with a broad spectrum of retail establishments, restaurants, and events. The Escape Room can capitalize on this foot traffic before its doors even open. By featuring its name and logo information well in advance of the grand opening, the business succeeds in building a buzz about its product.

The graphics also serve the purpose of obstructing a view inside the venue. Right now, the company is doing construction to build out the storefront and suit its needs. Nobody wants to see drywall and dust. More importantly, keeping eyes out boosts the mystique of the setting. We worked with the client to put together the right mix of images.

Coming Soon Window Graphics for Malls in Los Angeles

These coming soon wall graphics grab attention fast!

For the door, white on black lettering spells out “Coming Soon.” The windows feature the black and white logo as well as the company’s name. By using horizontal as well as vertical displays, our graphic artist succeeded in taking advantage of various glass pane configurations. Now, the company advertises its presence in a highly visible manner that calls attention to the location even from across the mall floor.

Presenting Your Incoming Business with Pizzazz

Sure, you want the display of your window graphics to be functional. The ultimate goal is the creation of name recognition and brand awareness. For the Escape Room, we met this challenge by designing graphics using the corporate logo and color scheme. However, the usefulness of this signage solution goes beyond these necessities.

Coming Soon Window Graphics for Mall Retailers in Los Angeles

Announce your new mall business!

  • Set the tone. You want prospective customers to know what they can expect from your business. Will it be a formal affair? Are you looking to add some fun to their weekends? Prepare them for the experience with ease.
  • Get people to talk. Adding window graphics that feature your corporate information gets people to talk. They notice that you are taking over a storefront. Many neighborhoods have Facebook groups where members may share pictures of your ongoing construction. The reach of your brand can go well beyond the number of people who are walking past your location.
  • Interact with a consumer base. Getting the news out about your opening date has never been easier. Use the window graphics as a jumping off point. They talk about your brand. When you want consumers to know what will happen at the grand opening, whether there are prizes and if you will host give-away events, add letters or window signs.

Featuring Window Graphics at Los Angeles Area Locations

“Coming Soon” window graphics are ideally suited for mall retailers as well as all types of companies in the L.A. area. But you do not have to limit your displays to them. Our graphic artist can show you ways of using the graphics to advertise specials, announce new services, and reel in foot traffic. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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