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Employee News Area Gets Word Wall Graphics Theme in Long Beach Distribution Center!

 Feb 15, 2021

Recently, we made the general manager at Amazon’s Eastvale facility smile. He loved the customized design for the latest wall graphics in Long Beach, CA. Are you curious about what they looked like?

Creativity Boosts Amazon’s Morale and News Consumption in the Distribution Center

custom designed wall graphics in Fullerton, ca

Avid readers of our blog already know that Superior Signs and Graphics worked hard on the wall beautification project Amazon requested. Doing so involved the design, production, and installation of wall stripes as well as a squid wall graphic that now towers over the distribution center’s floor.

Wall Graphics in Long Beach CA

However, we were not yet entirely done. The facility’s general manager pointed us to a wall where there is a bank of monitors. They give Amazon news updates to employees daily. So far, the wall that held these monitors was nondescript and showed electrical boxes and conduit pipes. The company was looking for a way to turn it into eye candy.

custom wall graphics in long beach ca

Our graphic designer loved the challenge! He put together a word and doodle wall that uses the color scheme from the wall striping project. Moreover, it features a smaller version of the giant squid we did. Now, the custom-designed wall surface is brand-focused, generates interest, and perfectly fits the company’s call for creativity. And yes, the finished product made the general manager smile.

Employee-Focused Wall Graphics, Mottos, and Wraps are Excellent Tools for Motivating and Inspiring Workers

Vinyl wall decals in Fullerton CA

We have already discussed the value of branding with wall graphics and wraps. These visual tools are excellent when your customers are visiting offices or storefronts to boost brand awareness and provide additional interactions with your messages. However, one of the most overlooked wall treatments in offices, warehouses, and stores is the set of walls that faces the employee.

Several options can turn unimaginative employee walls into motivational powerhouses.

  • Removable wall decals. Do you decorate for the holidays year-round? Employee morale could skyrocket with decals that focus on even the more obscure holidays, such as national hot dog day or something similar. Removable wall decals use high-quality vinyl that lets you use them again and again.
  • Company culture chalk quotes. Another great choice is the white on black wall wrap that consists of terms revolving around your company culture. Depicted in various fonts and sizes, the wall looks as though someone had drawn on it with a piece of chalk. Our team uses a matte, protective laminate that allows for easy cleaning.
  • Employee photo wrap. When you volunteer as a team, celebrate, or recently added a bunch of new-hires, take pictures and use them to create a collage. It makes for a great wall wrap that inspires employees and gives those with frequent participation well-deserved bragging rights.

How to Buy Wall Graphics in Long Beach, CA

custom wall graphics in long beach ca

Customization is an excellent method for creating the wall display you want. It prevents a generic look and targets the morale of your staff. Best of all, these images are eye-catching, cover bland walls, and can even dress up spaces with an industrial look for a warmer appeal. Call us today!

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