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Giant Squid Vinyl Wall Decal Motivates Employees At Amazon Distribution Center!

 Feb 01, 2021

Do you remember when our crew went to Eastvale to install wall graphics for the Amazon distribution center? At that time, we designed, produced, and installed geometric wall graphic stripes that create visually aesthetic separations on the large surfaces. This time, we returned to install a giant vinyl wall decal in Orange County CA!

Amazon Motivates “The Squad”

Giant Wall Decals in Orange County CA

Amazon fosters friendly competition and camaraderie between its different locations with nicknames. For example, the team at the Eastvale location is known as “The Squad.” The company wanted something that would underscore this name to motivate workers. Therefore, our technicians designed a 16′ tall x 19′ wide giant squid for the 40′ tall entrance wall.

Giant wall graphics in los angeles ca

It is a full-color vinyl decal that holds two Amazon packages. Lettering spells out, “Release The Squad.” It is a highly visible image that looks great on the large surface. Of course, we also took this opportunity to install more of the custom vinyl wall striping the business had us do.

Advertising, Brand Building, and Motivating with Graphics? We Can Help You Do That!

wall graphics installation in buena park ca

Superior Signs and Graphics routinely works with business owners who are looking for ways to take advantage of window, wall, door, and other surfaces to highlight their corporate identity.

huge wall graphics for warehouses in orange county ca

  • Wall graphics. The advantage of wall graphics is that you can go big. When you are looking at a space in an industrial venue, manufacturing plant, or distribution center where there is little to break up the monotony, a large wall graphic is ideal. Make it a motivational item or refer to something from your brand message.
  • Window graphics. Many of our clients are familiar with vinyl window graphics. Display them on your storefront glass panels to underscore the brand message you are sending with building signage. Moreover, you have an option of featuring distinctive details that make your products stand out from others.
  • Vehicle graphics. Encourage consumers to work for your company by featuring graphics on the backs of trucks, cars, or vans that advertise job openings. Besides that, you can use these vehicles as tools for advertising goods or services. Best of all, vehicle graphics are fully customizable, which means that we can adapt images you are using online or as part of your known brand identity.

What Could Your Company Do with Small, Medium, Large, or Giant Vinyl Wall Decals?

giant squid wall decal for amazon in long beach ca

Are you looking at an employee lounge that lacks pizzazz? Maybe you were thinking of doing something with that blank wall that seems to lack purpose. Did you know that we can add vinyl wall graphics to the interior and exterior walls? So, if there is a space outside that could benefit from displaying a giant wall graphic, large logo displays, medium lettering, or even smaller decals, we can help.

The Superior Signs and Graphics team serves the business communities in and around Orange County and Los Angeles County. We also work with municipalities, schools, school districts, churches, and those in the medical field. Contact us today to discuss your vinyl wall decal project!

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