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Electrical Sign Maintenance and Refurbishing in Orange County!

 Nov 09, 2016

If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, you are undoubtedly familiar with the American Martial Arts Academy at 1027 North Harbor Boulevard in Fullerton, which is the Hillcrest Park Center. Over the course of time, we have built a professional relationship with this business. Case in point is the collection of van wraps we installed for the company. Then, we created window graphics for the school’s other location. When we were invited to come back this time, the business and its landlord needed help with electrical sign maintenance and refurbishing in Orange County, CA.

Overhauling a Pylon Sign

Cabinet Sign Refacing in Orange County CA

Removing the old cabinet face!

The pylon is an electrical sign that features after-dark illumination of the information. It helps the school to advertise its location to motorists and pedestrians alike. Featuring a single tenant sign face that measured six feet by 12 feet, the landlord indicated that the marker needed to be split into two separate faces so that a new, incoming business could advertise via the pylon as well.

We manufactured a divider and three-foot-by-12-foot sign faces. Next, we did the graphics for the American Martial Arts Academy and then painted the entire sign cabinet as well as its poles. While there, we also replaced light bulbs, two ballasts, and five sockets. Once finished, the pylon will look like new and operate efficiently and safely. Moreover, it will provide sufficient space to allow two companies to brand and market their businesses.

Working with a Full-service Sign Contractor Makes Sense

Cabinet pan-faced signs in Orange County CA

Completion of the cabinet sign refacing!

When prospective clients call us for help with their sign maintenance and repair tasks, they are frequently surprised to learn that we can take on all types of electrical signage repair jobs. Since we have a C-45 electrical sign contractor’s license, we have the training, equipment, and authorization to perform work that others are not able to tackle.

Our clients like the convenience that is part of doing business with us.

Pylon sign cabinet refacing in Orange County CA

Now it’s easy to find the American Martial Arts Academy!

  • Sign design. Our graphic artists meet with you to put together a product that meets your advertising needs and encapsulates your brand presentation.
  • Permitting. We do not make you do the heavy lifting. Our office staff handles the permitting process.
  • Full installation. Our installers can mount building signs on the side of your entryway with a stepping stool, hang them above your door with a ladder, or go much higher than that with our aerial lift van.
  • Scheduled maintenance. We gladly come out for regularly scheduled maintenance appointments. We clean the sign, do any little fixes, and ensure that the product remains in excellent working order.
  • Emergency repair. If something happens – whether a driver crashes into your lit monument sign or a tree branch takes down half of your pylon’s facing – we can come out and make emergency repairs that ensure safety. From there, we help you to regroup and make long-term decisions on the future of the marker.
  • Refurbishing. Whether you move into a location with existing signage or you want to overhaul a product that has been in service for a while, call us. We can show you options, give you cost estimates, and make suggestions for unique brand message upgrades.

For more information on electrical sign maintenance and refurbishing in Orange County, CA, contact our experts today!

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