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Orange County Software Company Stands Out with Wall Murals at their New Offices!

 Nov 09, 2016

Located at 145 South State College in Brea, OrangeGrid is a business-to-business Paas provider. This innovative technology has the potential to boost your company’s workflow speed without the cost associated with typical IT solutions. When this groundbreaking firm decided to spruce up its office space with wall murals for software companies in Orange County, CA, its management team contacted our pros at Superior Signs and Graphics.

Unique Artwork Made of Vinyl Wall Murals

 Custom Printed Wall Murals in Orange County CA

A photo collage that is memorable!

After meeting with our client, the team provided us with its design for the wall wrap. It perfectly suits the edgy vibe the company exudes. Made up of multiple images, you recognize staff members, advisors, rock stars, and Albert Einstein. It is fair to say that this design is pure eye candy that will catch the attention of visitors to the office and succeed at holding it.

We translated the design into a three-wall wrap we printed on 3M film. Its colors feature gray and orange, which are the corporate tones. After wrapping three walls, the team had the adjacent walls painted in the corporate colors to match the hues in the wrap. Tying together the look is easy because there are several office furnishings in the same colors. The finished product integrates perfectly into the overall brand message that the software company presents.

Making Graphics Products Work for Your Space

Wall Wraps in Orange County CA

Wall wraps enhance the lobby sign we also installed!

Take a page from the playbook of OrangeGrid and make your office space a representation of your brand identity. Doing so eliminates the need for dust-catching knick-knacks and frequently expensive artwork. Of course, there is no reason to stop with wall murals.

  • Floor graphics. We can apply specialty vinyl to your carpeting, floor mats, tiles, or another substrate. In a building lobby, we frequently reproduce an enlarged image of the business’ logo. In some settings, the use of three-dimensional nature images can mimic the sudden presence of a hiking trail, which could be a perfect branding tool for a company in a related field.
  • Window graphics. Choose lettering or images to feature on glass dividers and panes. Present your company’s name and logo, augment the lines of your interior décor with geometric shapes, or go for more fanciful designs that combine artistry with colors.
  • Framed graphics. In some cases, our clients like to keep white walls but want them to feature large, framed graphics of their planned expansions, product manufacturing, and similar industry displays. We mount them with brushed aluminum standoffs for best results.

Ordering Wall Graphics for Your Business

Custom Printed Wallpaper for Businesses in Orange County CA

Make your offices pop with color in Orange County!

Buy Corporate Wall Murals in Orange County CA

Ready to order corporate wall murals?

Whether you need wall murals for software companies in Orange County, CA, or you would like to see what a graphics suite consisting of multiple product types would look like for your line of business, we can help. Contact us to learn more about the design process and to find out how graphics can make your brand stand out and give customers a new way of interacting with it. Our visual artists appreciate the opportunity to incorporate the artwork you have on hand but gladly design something entirely new from the ground up. Call us today to schedule a design appointment!

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