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Dimensional Letter Lobby Signs Great for Nonprofits in Orange County!

 Mar 14, 2016

Located in Suite 101 of 25283 Cabot Road in Laguna Hills, the U.S. Friends of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust support the founder’s mission of embracing anti-poaching measures to preserve and protect wildlife. In particular, this organization provides hands-on assistance in Kenya, where poachers threaten elephants and rhinos for their ivory. When the U.S. arm of the organization needed to set up its office with a lobby sign, a representative contacted our graphic artists for assistance.

Dimensional letter lobby signs for nonprofits in Orange County CA

Dimensional letters offer a professional look!

Any nonprofit organization with an office uses the space to welcome prospective donors, volunteers or in-kind contributors. Reaching out to the community as a whole, it is possible for local, national, or international groups to receive the support needed to keep the work going. While not everyone can fly out to Kenya and assist with the de-snaring of habitats or hand-rearing of orphaned elephants, the American office of the organization is successful in spreading awareness of the problem, educating the public about the need to forgo ivory purchases, and raising funds to support the hands-on work.

Foam Letter Lobby Signs Orange County CA

Foam letters offer a 3D effect!

Creating a welcoming atmosphere is therefore of the utmost importance. Reception signage makes the first impression on a prospective donor or anyone interest in lending support to the group. After consulting with the client, it was decided that a dimensional letter presentation would be the most suitable for this area. We used brushed brass that looks chic but conservative against the beige to gray wall background. Also, the fact that the light reflects off the sign just slightly creates an attractive visual display that underscores the professional nature of the organization.

Why Signage Matters to Nonprofits

To be blunt, donors want to know that they are supporting a well-established organization that is not a fly-by-night group. Unless they get a sense that this team knows how to maximize every dollar that it is given, they are less likely to help out, particularly since this type of organization does its work halfway around the world. Presenting with a professional image is therefore of the utmost importance when dealing with an international nonprofit with a scope of activities limited to one area.

Brushed aluminum lobby signs Orange County CA

Need a lobby sign for your nonprofit?

On the other end of the spectrum, there are the neighborhood groups. These institutions work locally, and donors can visit work sites or participate in volunteer events to get a good sense of the organization. Although a professional presentation is most certainly a good idea, it is not necessary to underscore the fiscally conservative nature and worldwide reach of this type of group. As a result, dimensional letters constructed from PVC, foam or acrylic would be sufficient.

Discuss Your Signage Need with an Experienced Sign Maker

Working with a professional is to your advantage when considering the addition of dimensional letter lobby signs for nonprofits in Orange County, CA, and its surrounding areas. We can help you discover the types of material that would be ideal for your setting and message. At the same time, we work with any budget to ensure that the sign not only looks great but also supports the work that you do. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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