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Dimensional Aluminum Building Lettering for Compton College in Los Angeles, CA!

 Apr 12, 2023

We spent more time working at Compton College doing aluminum building lettering in Los Angeles, CA. Our shop had previously done long-lasting 3D building lettering as replacements for nine existing signs. Examples include the building sign at the Gymnasium and the Mathematics buildings. This time, we designed, produced, and installed four sets of cast aluminum letters.

aluminum building lettering in los angeles, ca

Brushed Aluminum Building Lettering Assists with Wayfinding

The Instructional Building already had a set of letters installed on the building’s east side. However, the client noted they were not visible from the main parking lot on that side o the campus. Therefore, we were tasked with duplicating the signage with the same size, font, material, and color palette. The goal was to install a carbon copy of the existing sign on the building’s north-facing wall.

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