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Digitally Printed Wall Coverings for Schools in Orange County, CA!

 Jan 22, 2024

Our team had another opportunity to visit Orange Lutheran High School. This client is an excellent example of how to harness the power of digitally printed wall coverings for schools in Orange County, CA. Did we mention that these products are budget-friendly?

Wall graphics for schools in orange county, ca

Custom Printed Wallpaper Expertly Continues a Brand Story

This project highlighted the presence of the school’s dance studio. As with many other custom wall wrap designs, the school’s famous red was the base color. Next, we added the lettering with gold and white colors. It creates a visually pleasing contrast that is more subtle and, therefore, does not draw attention away from the message. 

Wall Graphics for Schools: An OLU Case Study

We have already mentioned that the school exemplifies the effective use of custom wall wraps. They work together to create a brand story of a school that celebrates its students and supports a broad range of academic opportunities.

custom printed wallpaper in orange county, ca

  • 3D Letters on a wall wrap. The school commissioned this product for its football program. We combined a brand-colored wall wrap with three-dimensional letters spelling out the football championships since 1983. Our graphic artist left enough room to add more over the years.
  • Wall wraps at an outside facility. The school’s hockey team plays at the Anaheim Ducks facility. We designed, produced, and installed wall wraps and graphics that identify the area used by students. It is a welcome beacon in a facility branded for another team. 
  • Oversized posters. Students’ musical and artistic exhibits and performances take place at the Nechita Center for the Arts. Once again, we added custom-printed wall art focusing on the school’s mission, vision, and student activities. The school’s red color features prominently in the oversized posters
  • Custom wall wrap. Another custom wallpaper project took us to the Welcome Center. Signage here makes the first impression on prospective students and their parents. Because this is a brand-focused space, we repeated a design that we previously installed in the administrative offices. It is an excellent continuation of the brand story. 

What Goes into the Design of Digitally Printed Wall Coverings for Schools in Orange County, CA?

custom wall wrap designs in orange county. ca

Our graphic artist frequently receives high-resolution photos and design ideas from school administrators. Unless the administration has already created the wall wrap – in which case our expert only handles the sizing – we can offer suggestions for the ideal display of the information. In the process, we consider the placement of doors and cutouts for electrical outlets. Attention to these details lets us position photos and letters so that nothing is lost.

Of course, we can do a lot more than custom wallpaper. For example, did you know that we can put together elevator door vinyl graphics? There is no need to keep a functional door in a generic color when you can advertise and build your brand. Call us today to find out more!

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