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Delivery Truck Graphics Help Cal State Fullerton Take Advantage of an Existing Asset for Advertising!

 Jul 10, 2017

We had another opportunity to do some work for Cal State Fullerton! Loyal readers of our blog already know that we have a solid working relationship with the school and the Titan team. This time around, we handled a set of delivery truck graphics in Orange County, CA.

Graphics for CSUF Campus Dining

Catering Delivery Truck Graphics Orange County CA

A look at the old graphics. Not much branding power here!

When the school built out its Student Union food court, we supplied teaser wall graphics to announce the incoming Starbucks. Installed on a temporary wall, these graphics look neat, add pizzazz to the locale, and effectively hide the ongoing construction. Because the agency liked the look, it contacted us this time to do a box truck wrap.

The school already owned the vehicle, but it had ten-year-old oval decals on its sides. They outlasted their usefulness, and it was time to upgrade the look of the truck that clients see when calling CSUF for catering and food deliveries. We proposed a full wrap that displays custom graphics. Taking its cue from the Titan blue, it identifies OC Choice Catering in white letters with subliminal swirling against the backdrop.

Delivery Truck Graphics for CSUF Dining

These graphics match their school colors!

Smaller lettering, in orange, identifies the school’s name. An orange stripe runs the length of the vehicle and features white lettering, which provides a website address, phone number, and physical address for the caterer.

Impress with Up-to-Date Graphics

Presenting the consumer, whenever possible, with a glimpse of your company’s brand is vital to the success of your business. But not any kind of graphics setup will do. For starters, the images should be contemporary, appeal to the tastes of your targeted demographic, and be in good repair. Even if you already have a graphics package for your business, there are times when an update is necessary.

Box Truck Graphics in Orange County CA

All catering businesses benefit from box truck graphics!

  • Outdated graphics. If you have changed your phone number, upgraded the look of the logo, tweaked the colors a little, or made a change to the website, you cannot keep your vehicle graphics as is. The consumer judges the business by the information you put out. If the images are outdated, this impression permeates the buyer’s thinking about your enterprise.
  • Aged vinyl. Vinyl vehicle graphics last for a long time. With proper care, it is not unusual to get between five and seven years of use out of them. When we add a luster laminate to protect the prints from the sun’s UV rays, they might last even longer. But there does come a time when you need to replace them. Do not wait until the graphics peel off before you call us.
  • Re-branding. Plenty of business owners now re-brand their businesses. This step makes sense when the company’s message dates back to a decade or longer. That said, remember to update the look of your vehicle graphics alongside the signage at your premises.

Do You Need Delivery Truck Graphics in Orange County, CA?

Truck Graphics for Catering Companies Orange County CA

Ready to brand with mobile marketing?

You do not have to run a catering business to appreciate the look of excellent vehicle graphics. When your customers or clients see the vehicle pull up in front of their venues, they want to reinforce their opinion of your business. In short, they want to be reminded that selecting your business was a good decision. When you need these types of graphics, we can help. Call us today to see what the side of your delivery truck could look like!

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