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Entry Wall Graphics Greet Visitors in the Lobby of Nihon Kohden in Irvine!

 Jul 07, 2017

Located at 15353 Barranca Parkway, Nihon Kohden is in the business of bringing electrical engineering to the field of medicine. When the company needed entry wall graphics for offices in Irvine, CA, its management team contacted the signage experts at Superior Signs and Graphics.

Putting Together a Look that Complements the Setting

Entry Wall Graphics Irvine CA

Liven up your entryway with wall signs and graphics!

We met with our client to understand what types of images the firm was looking for. The business had decided to let its visitors know about its top user satisfaction rating and the length of time it earned this honor. Because the listing spanned 41 consecutive quarters, it made sense to underscore this achievement with a tall set of graphics.

We put together two panels that consist of quarter-inch-thick PVC. This material is sturdy but lightweight, which makes it ideal for any wall installation. The graphics present with a gradient color change, which offers an attractive visual look against the creamy white wall backdrop. Our installers used one-inch diameter brushed aluminum wall standoffs, which highlight the technological aspect of the business’ trade. Visitors to the office see the panels as soon as they enter and head to the receptionist’s desk.

When to Use Wall Graphics in an Office Setting

Office entrance wall signs Irvine CA

Put your brand in your reception area!

Whether you select decals made from vinyl or opt for imprinted PVC, wall graphics are excellent additions to any reception area. They can fulfill a broad range of functions.

  • Underscore a customer service pledge.
  • Present a map that shows current locations of satellite offices or distribution centers. Another way of using a map is to feature the locations of happy customers.
  • Highlight a brand message that incorporates wording from your company brochure; for example, terms like “creative,” “innovative,” and “consistent” work well in this setting.
  • Say hello with a larger than life welcome message above the seating arrangements in your lobby.
  • Point out how employees work together to make the client’s experience a positive one.
  • Reproduce old photos, documents, and similar displays that tell the story of your company. These make great wall decorations.
  • Dress up an otherwise visually unremarkable space with colorful geometric designs that feature your corporate palette.
  • Take a page from the playbook of Nihon Kohden and advertise your customer satisfaction rating and ongoing success in your niche.
Custom entry office signs Irvine CA

Ready to customize your entry?

Pick wall spaces that are automatic eye catchers. The area around the reception desk is a great option. Another good solution is a narrow hallway that leads to individual offices spaces. If you use multiple waiting areas or client lounges, be sure to create a display that naturally moves the eye and interest along. A storyline in the form of a timeline is ideally suited to generate interest in learning more about your business.

Ordering Lobby Wall Graphics for Offices in Irvine, CA

When you are ready to add splashes of color, textured wall images, brand messages, or all three to your lobby, our experts can help. We serve the business communities in and around the counties of Los Angeles and Orange. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

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