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Fresca’s Mexican Grill Brands Catering Service with Van Wraps in Orange County

 Mar 18, 2014
Catering and food van wraps Orange County

Advertise your catering business with van wraps!

When you run an Orange County catering business, you want everyone to know about it. After all, most corporate customers have one or two companies that they work with, and soon their selections get boring. Yet with a refreshingly different approach to catered food, you can stand out and get plenty of business. So, how do you get corporate customers – and residential ones, too – to notice your restaurant’s catering business? Catering van graphics in Orange County are the answer!

Case in point is Fresca’s Mexican Grill. Operating locations in Anaheim, Brea, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach and Tustin, this eatery features a specialized catering menu that accommodates between 25 and 1,000 hungry guests. There are all the south-of-the-border specialties that make your mouth water. Flan is a must-have for a dessert! There is also plenty of food for the veggie lovers. When Fresca’s realized that it was time to spread the word more effectively, they chose to have Superior Signs and Graphics install catering van wraps and graphics. Orange County roads are now home to a nicely wrapped vehicle display.

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Since the business primarily uses delivery vans, we adapted the wraps to suit the lines of the vehicles. The backdrop features highly recognizable yellow tones that beautifully offset the red and purple hues of the typeface and logo. Displaying some best-selling dishes in vivid colors serves to whet the appetites of those considering the services of a caterer. Adding the phone number, website address and areas of operation rounds out the message of the van. With the tag line promising excellent service, this set of van graphics makes a great offer that is simply too tasty to pass up.

Q: Are wraps suitable for my vans?

A: Whether you are a restaurateur who is adding a catering function to an existing restaurant business or you are an established eatery with a long-running catering side business, wraps are ideal branding tools for your delivery vans. Let folks know that you are in the neighborhood! Those who may not yet associate your eatery with catering will learn to do so after seeing your treated delivery vehicles.

Restaurant van wraps Orange County

Advertise 24/7 with van wraps!

Q: How will vehicle wraps advertise my Orange County stand-alone catering business?

A: If you are an entrepreneur who does not work out of an established restaurant, you are facing a bit of an uphill battle. Already established caterers with busy restaurants are commanding the lion’s share of the market. Making your presence known and persuading customers to take a chance on a relatively unknown caterer calls for top-shelf advertising, branding and name building. With a wrap, you will pique the curiosity of businesses and residential neighbors when you pull into a driveway. Wondering what types of foods you offer, it is always a good idea to follow up your presence in an area with a secondary ad blitz. Handing out brochures is also a good idea. Yet it is your wrap that gets the conversation going.

Catering can be a lucrative asset for any restaurant or entrepreneur. Make the most of your contact opportunities with gorgeous decals, recognizable lettering and all the social media and sales information you can fit on the van.

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