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Need Custom Wraps and Graphics for Your Orange County Restaurant?

 Feb 09, 2014
Custom Vehicle Wraps and Graphics Fullerton CA

Color Change Wraps Cheaper Than Painting!

With nine locations in California, Porky’s Pizza is quickly becoming a household name in the Anaheim Hills, Long Beach, Placentia and the surrounding areas. Specializing in fresh and hot delivery of its famous pizzas – which were voted among the top five in sunny Southern California – the franchise has augmented its menu with BBQ chicken and meal combos that feed families at dinner and friends during any type of gathering.

Custom Graphics and Vehicle Wraps Fullerton CA

Porky’s New White Van Before the Color Change Wraps

When the owner of the Placentia franchise realized that his small Toyota Scion would no longer be able to fit all the orders that were coming in, the pizza maker remembered Superior Signs and Graphics for our custom vehicle wraps. Fullerton, CA, is close by, and our handiwork is routinely seen when business owners drive across highways and byways in the area. When Porky’s franchise owner called us, we set up a meeting to see what we could do.
It was clear that the franchise owner was in dire need of a van. Since the company’s corporate colors feature a black background with red and yellow for the signage, it only made sense to look for a dark-colored vehicle. When this type of vehicle was elusive, we made another suggestion. We offered to remove the old decals the franchisee had on the small Toyota, which allowed for the vehicle to be used a trade-in.

Custom vehicle wraps and graphics for Orange County Restaurants

Don’t Paint: Wrap!

Next, Porky’s franchisee purchased a white van that was big enough to accommodate the increase in orders. Now it was time for our graphic artists and technicians to get to work. We added one of our famous color change wraps and graphics. For Orange County restaurants, this type of technology is quite frequently used when branding calls for a certain color scheme but vehicles with these types of paint jobs cannot be found.
The finished look of the van is gorgeous. We installed a glossy black color-change wrap that changes the look of the van from a white nondescript automobile to a striking black delivery vehicle. We then applied die-cut decals that feature the yellow and red of the pizzeria’s logo. Since it is possible that this franchisee will purchase another franchise at some point in the future, the decals allow an easy change to reflect the ownership of two locations. If he decides to sell his delivery van to another franchisee instead, the decals’ addresses are easily changed to show the new location.
This is the type of win-win that only a color-change wrap can accommodate. If you are thinking of adding a delivery vehicle to your fleet but cannot find anything that suits the color palette, why not let us install a color change wrap? They are durable – like other wraps, they last about five years – and much cheaper than getting a paint job to change the vehicle’s color at the source. Moreover, since we can easily apply other advertising messages and marketing materials, you can change the appearance of the vehicle with a change in seasons and promotions.

Vehicle Wraps Last up to Five Years!

Vehicle Wraps Last up to Five Years!

It does not matter if the vehicle is a large van, a small automobile or a trailer that you would tow behind your truck. We wrap all types of vehicles and provide you with a unique look that is sure to turn heads as you drive in rush-hour traffic or hit the highway with your deliveries. Contact us today for a free quote!

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