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Ice Cream Shop in Buena Park CA Shines with Signage Makeover!

 Feb 06, 2014
Orange County Restaurant Signs Graphics and Banners

Window Graphics and Storefront Signs Do Get Noticed!

Do you have a hankering for liquid nitrogen-infused organic ice cream? If you live in or around California’s Buena Park, there is only one place to go: Poof Ice Cream. Located at 8300 La Palma Avenue in a quaint corner of the Buena Park Mall complex, this dessert eatery is quickly attracting a loyal customer base, which in turn is generating quite a buzz. When it came time for this establishment to get serious about communicating with the public via its signage, Poof contacted Superior Signs and Graphics.
We realized that in order to take consumers by storm, Poof would have to combine different types of restaurant signage. For Orange County restaurants, bars and other gastronomic businesses, we have noticed that this is actually becoming a trend. At this time, we have set up Puff with five different markers.

Point of Purchase Signs for Orange County Restaurants

Storefront Signs Entice Passersby

  1. Banner. The banner incorporates the company logo and the logo colors. It brands the store and successfully entices passersby to visit the novelty ice cream shop.
  2. Menu board. Once again, the colors and the logo drive branding for Poof. The board allows customers to easily make a selection of their favorite ice cream flavors or drink choices.
  3. Window signs. We highlighted the availability of the liquid nitrogen process since this is the novelty that this store embraces. When you look closely, you notice that we always include the logo to support customers’ recognition of the iconic cloud.
  4. Window graphics. The graphics are whimsical and befit the laid-back nature of an ice cream parlor. They exude a fun atmosphere that customers – adults as well as children – can look forward to encountering inside.
  5. Point of sale signs. Promising that “magic happens here” and offering an arrow that points to the inside, this sign attracts foot traffic in front of the store.
Menu Boards and Signs for Orange County Restaurants

A Custom Menu Board Is Easier to Read

Restaurant signage for Orange County eateries must take into account the atmosphere inside the restaurant. Poof wanted to highlight the aspect of fun and the slightly unconventional offerings that ice cream connoisseurs would experience inside. Other restaurants we have worked with have used their markers to express everything from Hollywood chic to ethnic mystique.
While not all Buena Park restaurants call for this particular combination of signs, the location of a venue as well as the already established name recognition frequently dictate the quantity and type of signage you might display. New restaurants greatly benefit from additional flags and grand opening signs. Already established venues will do well without the flags and perhaps also the banners. When name recognition has previously been achieved, point of sale signs may be omitted.

Custom printed banners for Orange County Restaurants

Exterior Banners Help Brand Your Eatery

Give us a call to discuss the best use of signs to make your eatery as famous as Poof and some other locales. We gladly come out for a site evaluation and look at the type of traffic you usually get. This helps us to determine the types of signs that will be useful as well as the letter sizes that we need to work with. We also want to learn about your target demographic and gear our signs to market to them specifically. Get your free quote for restaurant signage today!

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