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Custom Lobby Signs for Attorneys in LA County

 Mar 29, 2016

Located at 445 South Figueroa Street in Suite 2210, Dakessian Law devotes its practice exclusively to dealing with tax controversies involving California disputes. Assisting taxpayers with assessment disagreements and other tax controversies involving the Franchise Tax Board, State Board of Equalization and any other Golden State Government agencies participating in the levying and collecting of taxes and related fees, these professionals are the last resort for many. When the firm needed a lobby sign for its Los Angeles County location, its management team contacted our professionals.

Lobby signs for Attorneys in LA County

Brushed gold offers these dimensional letters a professional look!

Lanzone Morgan, another law firm for which our graphic artists design a customized lobby sign, referred this client to us. Dakessian Law needed a reception area marker that would repeat the look of its Internet name and logo. After consulting with the client, we designed a dimensional letter sign with accompanying logo style elements using black PVC. Next, we applied perfectly color-matched paint. The lobby sign now features a brushed gold look. We installed the style elements flush to the wall, where they present with an attractive, slim shadow play. The contrast between the gold of the sign and the neutral color of the wall is visually appealing.

Why Signage Customization Matters

Logo Lobby Signs for Law Firms in LA County

Lazone Morgan chose a logo lobby sign!

For far too long, one-trick-pony sign makers have persuaded local businesses to accept their versions of lobby signage. Generic in appeal, these products spell out the company’s name with foam or metal letters. Although quality and installation techniques are up to par, the lack of customization hurts the businesses because it curtails their abilities to express branding messages in the process.

You know you are working with the right professional when in the course of your consultation, one or more of these points are brought up.

  • Material selection. You have choices. In fact, you have plenty of them. Typical indoor signage materials include acrylic, PVC, foam, metal, wood, or vinyl.
  • Design options. Dimensional letters are a modern lobby sign choice. However, do not make your decision until you have explored other alternatives, too. For example, logo boards or wall graphics may suit your needs better than the installation of dimensional lettering.
  • Traditional or innovative displays. Dimensional lettering is a traditional lobby signage display that works well for attorneys, accountancy firms and related professionals. That said, consider other choices before you make your selection. Backlit logo lobby signs, for example, combine the sophistication of metalwork with the elegance of hidden illumination.

Discussing Your Signage Needs with the Experts

Dimensional letter lobby signs for Attorneys in LA County

Combine a logo sign with dimensional lettering!

When you need custom lobby signs for attorneys in LA County or neighboring Orange County, contact our graphic artists to discuss your vision. We work with you to design a product that communicates your brand with style and chic. Assisting you in the realization of a look that appeals to your targeted demographic, we pull no punches when it comes to customization in all design aspects. From material selection over style design to installation techniques, the product you decide on undergoes a complete adaptation to your brand. As a result, you receive a sign that communicates your brand and correctly represents your company. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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