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Custom Lobby Logo Wall Sign Created for Chino Construction Firm to Enhance Industrial Chic Feel of Its New Offices!

 Oct 18, 2017

Lobby Logo Wall Signs in Chino CA

You find the newest office of the Perez Construction Group, Inc. at 14538 Central Avenue in Chino. The company is in the construction business but also handles management and quality assurance projects. When the firm’s representative contacted us, we discussed a two-phase project.

Phase One: Lobby Logo Wall Signs in Chino, CA

Three dimensional lobby logo signs | Chino | Orange County CA

3D Signs stand out and help brand your business!

The company needed a lobby sign that would fit in perfectly with the light industrial unit backdrop it has. We designed, manufactured, and installed a 3D logo sign for the focal wall. It is one of the first things prospective and current clients see when they enter the venue. We used one-inch-thick Gatorfoam to create the letters. Our technicians painted the letters white to create a chic contrast with the dark blue wall paint. When you see the marker now against this backdrop, it perfectly complements the glass walls and granite counters. Phase two will encompass an exterior building sign that bears a similar appearance.

All Businesses Benefit from Lobby Signs

3D Logo Lobby Signs | Chino | Orange County CA

Offers an attractive and professional feel!

Take a page from Perez Construction Group, Inc.’s playbook and envision your focal wall with an attractive lobby sign.

  • Retailers. Welcome customers with a brand-reinforcing color and lettering display. You never again hear the question, “whom do I make this check out to?”
  • Medical services providers. There is a lot of competition for health care providers in Southern California. Do not let your patients switch over to another provider just because their coverage changed. Encourage them to stay brand loyal with a lobby sign that makes them associate superior care with your office.
  • Office buildings. Boost the reputation and pizzazz of an office building by featuring its name in the lobby. Even if there is not a name in place, consider displaying the address and the name of the management company. Doing so is instrumental in building a reputation in the local market.

You Have Plenty of Options When Selecting Reception Area Signs

3D Lobby Logo Signs | Chino | Orange County CA

Fabricated using foam letters!

When we discussed lobby logo wall signs in Chino, CA, the client selected the three-dimensional lettering presentation. However, this is not your only choice. Other clients have chosen logo boards. Typically, we use metal or acrylic to fashion the board. The letters may take the form of imprints, vinyl applications, routed or cut out features, or the addition of dimensional letters.

There is no wrong way of showing off your brand in the foyer. We typically recommend boards in situations where you have limited wall space. Letters work well for large or small walls because we can manipulate the display slightly by increasing or decreasing the spacing between the style elements. Material options include acrylic and metal for boards, but also for letters along with PVC, foam, or plastic.

Getting Your New Lobby Sign

When you are ready to boost brand recognition and product awareness with a lobby sign, we can help. Our experts can handle the project from the initial design all the way to the final installation. If you already have a sign in hand, we gladly do the mounting alone for you. Call us today to get started on the project.

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