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Custom Lobby Logo Signs for Businesses in Orange and Los Angeles Counties

 Feb 08, 2016

Zippy Paws is your go-to store for pet toys. Whether you need plush or non-plush toys, this business offers the products that make pets happy. When the company’s management team wanted to bring the good looks of its name to the warehouse’s entrance with a customized lobby sign, its representatives contacted our signage designers.

PVC Works Well for Lobby Signs

Custom lobby signs for businesses in Orange County CA

Putting your logo and font to work!

When we design and manufacture custom lobby logo signs for businesses in Orange County, CA, or in adjacent L.A. County, our clients frequently ask us about PVC. The material is ideal for indoor products. It presents with a smooth finish, does not result in sun glare and allows for a broad range of customized shapes and designs.

For Zippy Paws, we created a lobby sign that is one half inch thick and presents in a white color. Our installers attached the lettering directly to the turquoise wall, where it creates an attractive visual counterpoint. For the tagline, we used digitally imprinted, yellow vinyl, which we installed underneath the right portion of the marker. A minimal shadow display heightens the beautiful nature of the design.

Customization is a Key Ingredient of any Great Sign

There are plenty of good signs that you can buy at an office supply store. What sets apart a good sign from one that qualifies as great is the level of customization.

Custom Logo Lobby Signs for Businesses in Los Angeles County CA

Dimensional letters work nicely!

  • Sizing. The size of a sign determines the ease with which a customer reads the information. For exterior markers, the speed of traffic right in front of the venue dictates the height of the lettering. On the inside, it is the height of the room as well as the overall setup of the office space that lets us gauge the right height.
  • Font. Allow the font of your sign to mimic the look of your company’s name online or in print. Doing so drives brand awareness and heightens name recognition.
  • Color. One of the most flexible components in signage design is the use of color. Although the majority of companies like to have their signs mimic the company’s colors, this is not a hard and fast rule. In fact, the makeup of a building’s façade or color of a wall may present you with better color options that would increase the wow factor. If this is the case, we recommend using one component of the sign’s setup so that it is identical to its online display.
  • Depth. The use of depth allows signage to take on a life of its own. It stands out, creates shadow play and presents with an exciting look. Of course, there is a time when an absence of depth is just as attractive. Case in point is the use of vinyl graphics to create a lobby sign. In this situation, it quickly becomes a piece of artwork in its own right.
Custom Lobby Signs Orange County CA

Does your lobby sign brand your business?

Commissioning Custom Lobby Logo Signs for Businesses in Los Angeles County and the OC

Contact our graphic artists today to learn more about your signage options. We work with you to create a memorable look that matches your company’s branding message and impresses with its level of customization.

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