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Custom Designs on Etched and Frosted Vinyl Decorate Conference Room Glass at Offices in Irvine, CA!

 Dec 12, 2023

Etched glass vinyl graphics for conference rooms are an excellent method of adding privacy to a space and underscoring the sophistication of any interior decor. Thanks to our investment in late-model print equipment, we recently had the opportunity to put together custom designs on etched and frosted vinyl in Irvine, CA.

frosted glass graphics with printed designs in irvine, ca

Case Study: TP-Link USA Corporation at 10 Mauchly

TP-Link is your go-to vendor for a broad range of smart home technology. One of the architects we do business with referred the client to us. For this project, our team designed, produced, and installed etched vinyl stripes for a conference room glass wall. Since we can now print on etched vinyl, we added a unique design that perfectly encapsulates the client’s brand message. The finished product is visually stunning and highly functional in providing privacy for meetings at the venue. 

What is Etched Vinyl, and Why is Imprinting It a Big Deal? 

etched glass vinyl graphics for conference rooms in irvine, ca

Etched vinyl is part of the frosted vinyl style display. It gives the illusion that your glass surfaces have been factory-etched with custom shapes or letters. Of course, using vinyl is far less expensive and quicker. Now, we use printable etched vinyl that works with our latest investment in late-model print equipment. As a result, we can create products that heighten the feeling of privacy while boosting the visual aesthetics of the product. 

Build Your Brand and Enhance Interior Decor Choices with Frosted Glass Graphics and Printed Designs

Privacy and brand-building can now be two sides of the same coin. Custom designs on etched and frosted vinyl in Irvine, CA, or anywhere else in the OC or L.A. County, create elegant images that blend perfectly with the existing interior design and decor. Our team offers a variety of options for clients looking to boost the good looks of their locations with this technology. 

custom designed frosted glass graphics in irvine, ca

  • Frosted vinyl. Basic frosted vinyl is a standard option for enhancing privacy. We can cut the material to take up a third of the glass or more. Clients usually request that we cover the middle third of the glass panels. It allows the maximum light to enter the room but bars many distractions. 
  • Etched window graphics. Etched glass graphics focus on the good looks that interruptions to the frosted surfaces provide. For example, you might choose to have the middle third of the windows covered; however, we cut out shapes or letters that spell out your company’s name and logo. 
  • Printed frosted vinyl. The material is kept whole in this setting, but we print your selected images on the frosted vinyl. For this client, we used geometric shapes that look sophisticated on the vinyl. You might also choose full-color graphics such as leaves or geometric shapes. And, of course, we can always print your corporate name and logo on the vinyl in a step-and-repeat pattern.

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