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Frosted Glass Graphics for Conference Rooms in Tustin, CA, Provide Privacy and Branding at the Same Time!

 Nov 14, 2022

In our last blog post, we teased information about the frosted glass graphics for offices in Tustin, CA, that we did. At the time, we were at Circle Vision’s offices to install printed wallpaper we had customized for the space. The design, production, and installation of the privacy film finish this project.

conference room wall murals in tustin, ca

Closing Two Very Large Glass Walls

As is the case with many conference rooms in upscale office buildings, this one featured top-to-bottom glass surfaces. They look sleek and let plenty of sunlight permeate the space. However, they can also cause significant distractions when someone walks by during a meeting in progress.

etched and frosted glass graphics for offices in tustin, ca

The client discussed the options for the room after we put up the conference room wall murals. We recommended etched and frosted glass graphics for offices that do not want to close off their glass surfaces completely. The management team at Circle Vision liked this idea and asked us to make a stripe of etched and frosted glass with a cut-out design of their logo.

privacy film for conference room glass in tustin, ca

Technicians used Aslan diamond etched film and cut the stripes and logo out using our Graphtec plotter. It generates the type of privacy film that is ideally suited for conference room glass. Notice that the strip only covers the middle third of the glass wall, reducing distraction and boosting privacy but not eliminating the natural light from entering.

Do You Need Etched and Frosted Glass Graphics for Offices?

Whether it is the window into the Human Resources office or the large glass wall of the conference room, privacy film can make a significant difference in the level of productivity your team achieves. Besides that, it makes meetings taking place in your offices more private, which is critical in some settings.

If you have transformed one of your conference rooms or offices into a break room, storage area, or kitchen, closing off the glass walls with etched and frosted vinyl will hide away the use while adding elegant graphics to the mix. Did you know that in addition to cutting out shapes and letters, we can also print on the material? Imagine featuring your corporate persona in full color on the frosted vinyl that is obstructing the view inside a storage room.

signs and graphics for offices in tustin, ca

Is Your Space Truly Finished Without Frosted Glass Graphics for Offices in Tustin, CA?

Your lobby sign is in place, and you have wayfinding markers put up. You may have beautified the space with wall graphics and wrapped appliances. However, is the office setup complete if you still need to get vinyl window privacy film? The vinyl adds a sense of completion to the interior decor of any office.

frosted glass graphics for offices in tustin, ca

Our shop specializes in designing, producing, and installing privacy films for conference room glass as well as cosmetic products for other office windows. Call us today to schedule a design appointment!

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